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   Chapter 227 Do You Know The Truth (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5740

Updated: 2020-03-13 08:31

Although Polly knew that what should be done must be done, she didn't want it to happen so soon.

Her mind was running fast. She grabbed Avril's hand and wiped it with a towel. "But, your body has not yet recovered. Even when you need my help to walk, you are still a patient. What's more, you can't be blown by the wind, or you will get some sequela. Women are very fragile at this time. "

Half a month had passed, but Avril was still as fragile as before. A couple of days ago, she proposed to visit her grandfather. Fortunately, Hal was also there at that time, so he successfully fooled her.

What if she gets to know that grandpa passed away. People can't live without hope. Now both her heart and her body had been badly hurt. Could Avril bear the blow again?

Avril begged her pathetically, "Dear Polly, it's summer now. Even if the wind is hot, it won't blow me too much. I just want to take a look at him. It won't be a long time. I'm very worried about him. "

"Avril, don't worry about Grandpa. He has Hal to take care of him. You said that you just took one look, but that's not right. Now that we're there, we must talk with him and make him happy. But you look so haggard now. If Grandpa saw you like this, wouldn't he be worried to death? Listen to me, take care of yourself, and then go to see a doctor. "

"No, Dear Polly. I dreamed of Grandpa just now. I dreamed that Simon had killed my grandpa... " The rest of the words were all drowned in urgent sobs. Avril grabbed Polly's hand more tightly and said, "grandpa took my child and left with him. I tried to catch them but I couldn't! "

Polly didn't dare to ask how baby was missing. She had a feeling that it was probably related to

pt financial support again and again, she still insisted on providing compensation.

"I didn't expect that we all misunderstood Jean. I didn't expect her to be such a kind person!"

"Jean, she is my goddess. I've told you that she is good in everything! But she was often envied by some people, resulting in negative news! "

"Why are you so sure? I say, you can't believe any of these news online! He had heard that Jean had a fight with the man and cursed him to death. Now, everything was clear. Perhaps a few days later, someone will announce that this time she did the wrong thing! Those news outlets can write anything as long as they give money to them. They're really shameless. "

"What do you mean? I guess you're the one who's jealous of Jean. "

"Why should I envy her! Think about it. If Jean didn't do anything wrong, why would she give the money? Do you think the Fang family is a charity? Do you know how they go against their peers for their fortune? "

"I'm talking about Jean. Don't talk about her family with me! Are your parents the farmer for the rest of life while you are the farmer for the rest of your life? "

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