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   Chapter 226 She Feels Like That She's dying

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10025

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Finally, Avril decided to go to the private hospital introduced by Hal. It was a secret hospital, which could only be introduced by the acquaintance of some special patients.

It was already one o'clock in the morning when they arrived, but the doctors were still awake. As soon as they arrived, someone rushed out to receive them warmly, as if knowing they were coming.

Polly secretly asked Hal if he had someone informed the doctor of this hospital in advance. He felt confused and said that it was because that Polly thought too highly of him that he was not that influential for the time being, and he didn't expect that.

She thought what Hal said was right because they came to this private hospital on a whim. They didn't see him call on the way here.

But she soon dispelled her doubts. Richie said they just received an important patient before. The doctors were called up that night and they happened to be on time.

It was over two o'clock after all the tests were done. She was in a bad condition. She just had a miscarriage, but it was not clean. And her body hadn't been taken good care of afterwards. She had to be operated on immediately and observed in hospital.

If she couldn't handle it well, her unborn baby might get hurt.

If Avril hadn't been half dead like her, Polly would have asked her what had happened and how that scumbag Simon had treated her.

Outside the operating room, Hal held the handrails tightly with both of his hands. The blue blood vessels on his skinny wrist were as clear as veins.

After hesitating for a long time, he said slowly, "Dear Polly, I've already known about what happened between Avril and Simon. At that time, I should have tried my best to persuade her! I was too careless at that time. I always thought that Avril was not an impulsive girl and that she would definitely have a clear impression of Simon. "

Even if she was sober and calm, she would be confused sometimes, because it was more difficult to judge whether they loved each other. People like Simon, who didn't know him well, would be touched by their story and be seduced by their love.

"Dear Polly, I'm the one to blame. Avril must hate me! She said she was short of money at that time, so I shouldn't have introduced her to sell wine. She wouldn't know him if she didn't sell wine! If I tell you that we can help her figure out a way, we will definitely come up with some ideas. If you really don't agree, we can raise money. "

The scene that she had blamed Hobson came to her mind. In fact, she knew that she couldn't change anything even if she had known it. Avril had strong self-esteem. What she hated most was being sympathized as a weak. She was even unwilling to borrow money from him. How could she accept the way of raising money?

"Hal, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. Avril won't hate you. On the contrary, she will be grateful to you. You were the only one who was willing to help her at that time. "

She knew that Ha

t your leg and asked you to ignore your sweetheart. Even though it is called killing the heart, that's all! "

"Bruce, the main purpose of my coming here this time is not only to cure your and Hal's illness, but also to find out the cause of Ellie's death! This nightmare has been bothering me for so many years and nights, and I will never have the courage to face it. I will find out the truth! "

"Baby, baby, my baby Help, help! " In her dream, Avril asked for help weakly and intermittently, "please, don't do this, please! Wait a minute, grandpa! "

"Avril! Don't be afraid! Everything will be fine! "

Polly reached out to caress Avril's sweaty cheek. She pulled her hair away from her forehead that was wet with sweat, and wiped her sweat with a wet towel.

For many days, Avril had nightmares almost at one o'clock in the morning. She struggled painfully there, and breathed weakly, as if she would die if she had any difficulty in breathing. All these made Polly painful.

In fact, Avril's condition had become much better lately. The person who was more dazzling than a vase turned out to be a doctor with dual degree of medical and psychology. He often came to see Avril and gave her psychological counseling, which made her pressed.

As time went by, she couldn't get rid of those nightmares any more.

As if coaxing a child to sleep, Polly patted on her back gently and said, "don't be afraid. I am here. I am your good friend and I will protect you. Besides, Richie will come to see you tomorrow. You can tell him whatever you dream of. He will help you. Don't be afraid... "

After shooting for a while, she heard a vague sound from Avril, "yes.". As usual, she reached out and touched Avril's pillow, which was sticky.

"Dear Polly, I need to see my grandpa, and you can stop me from asking Richie to come here tomorrow. I haven't seen him for so many days. I don't know how worried he is. "

All of a sudden, Avril turned around and grabbed the hands of Polly.

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