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   Chapter 219 He Is Going Crazy

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10507

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As the air in his chest leaked clean little by little, he felt like a dehydrated fish, on the verge of suffocation.

In just a few seconds, he was almost driven crazy by this idea.

He took out his phone and quickly typed on the keyboard. But before he input the key, he deleted another number. Then he dialed Owen's number, but he gave up.

What should he do if things happened just as he thought? Did he want her to come back to him after he told her everything? According to her character, would she come back?

Then, if there was nothing happened between them, how could he be forgiven for his conjecture?

And what would he say to her on the phone?

He was not in a good mood. His mind was in a mess. The usual calmness and self-control were gone. What if he said something wrong and things got irreversible?

Her temperament looked soft, but in fact, that girl was stubborn. If he annoyed her and hurt her, she would leave him without hesitation. Just like her leaving Kevin years ago.

Now in the eyes of Dear Polly, he was no better than Kevin.

"Bruce, the water is ready. Have you found the clothes?" On the other side, Richie was walking into the room and he frowned when he saw that Bruce was rolling his wheelchair towards the door. "What are you doing, Bruce?" he asked

"I have to go downstairs now!" The wheelchair came to the door quickly and Bruce quickly opened the door.

"Are you going downstairs now?" As if hearing something unbelievable, he stared at him and said, "Bruce, although the weather is not cold now, it's not good if your leg is blown by the wind. If you want to buy something, just tell me and I'll buy for you! "

"Not to buy something!" The wheeling of the wheel chair interrupted his thoughts. Bruce had already come to the corridor. "I'll be back soon! You may take a shower first. "

"Why don't you buy something! But you still need to put on your clothes! " Richie screamed in despair, and the last few words were submerged in the loud sound of the heavy closing of the security door.

"What do you mean! A lunatic who is suffering from love! " In a rage, Richie flung off his slippers and put on his sneakers. After that, he grabbed a blanket and rushed out. "You're crazy! I'll be crazy if I stay here for a few more days! "

Bruce wanted to see whether the car which was Owen's license plate number was still here.

The courtyard of the residential area was very quiet, and there was no one on the bench which was specially prepared for the residents to rest, including the lawn, flowerbeds. People who lived here were normally young and unmarried, and it was still very cold even during breaks here. People could occasionally see one or two couples walking on the grass.

Looking far away, there were only a few points of light in the apartment building. The rest seemed to be painted with dark ink. At this time, the people who lived in the building hadn't come back yet. They were either sleeping.

The wheelchair moved fast on an empty street. The sound of its wheel turning was very clear in the quiet community. When Richie arrived at the first floor,

ouldn't be disgraced, so they left.

Of course, there were something more outrageous. Lemon was the second generation of government who left home. Alina fell in love with the manager when looking for her brother, and even forgot her original intention. When lemon was about to leave, she tried hard to persuade her brother not to leave.

Polly didn't think so much. Even though she didn't know what was really going on, she felt that Alina Liang and her brother were not so narrow-minded.

Luckily, in a society with advanced Internet, people tended to ignore the exaggerated gossip. Most of the time, they were attracted by the mobile phone.

However, recently, some gossips about him in the cafe had been reported. It was the newly coming dessert master, Grass, who crazily chased after Alina. The shop manager, who always had a cold attitude towards him, was very jealous and fought with Grass.

In fact, Polly Han thought that Grass was a nice person. He was not only beautiful, but also had a good character. Most importantly, he was an earth friendly person. He didn't play mystery like lemon, he was pretentious, showing his mask face every day.

"Dear Polly, I think the comparison between you two is out of order!" All of us are focusing on the accident, the one who is able to be with Alina. But does this have anything to do with lemon? To be more specific, Grass and shop manager is the main person! If I were him, I would think that Grass was much better than manger, who always gave him a long face! You think you are very handsome and cool, but in fact, every girl likes considerate and gentle men. "

"Hey! Dear sisters, a golden foreigner has come to our shop! The aristocratic style! " The clerk Helin who just delivered the food rushed to the kitchen excitedly, "he is absolutely gorgeous! It is described as a prince in the tales. He is stunning, noble and elegant, every move, every move and every move are bewitching! "

"Which handsome guy? Where are you?"

With great interest, Ellen pulled Helin out of the room, but Polly had a bad feeling about this.

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