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   Chapter 217 Call Him (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5779

Updated: 2020-03-11 10:03

Polly asked Owen to drive her to Bruce's apartment, where she could get some of her own clothes. There were only men's clothes and no women's clothes in Owen's place. Thus, Alice must change her clothes. She was in no mood to go shopping after the incident tonight.

"Dear Polly. You don't have to do it yourself. I can let my secretary do it." "Both of you are my sisters. It's normal that brother gives clothes to his sister."

"No need!" This was exactly the problem that Polly was worried about. In fact, she didn't want him to buy clothes for them. Although it sounded reasonable, she felt a little uncomfortable.

When they arrived at the apartment, Owen looked up at the dark building and said to her, "Dear Polly, let me go upstairs with you."

Even the clothes were rejected, so she felt more uncomfortable to take him to Bruce's apartment, to be exact, it used to be her and Bruce's home.

She walked into the elevator. When she thought of the house which was going to be over, she could not help but feel bitter and depressed. There were many sweet and warm memories with him.

Where was Bruce now? Did she drink with Gabe and hurt those flower like girls as well? 'When did he become such a depraved man?'?

He had just come back from abroad because he wanted to deal with the mess concerning Jean. How could he have the time to hang out with those people?

Polly gradually calmed down and became clear minded.

Even if he wanted to go out and hunt for women, he would not be with a low class guy like Gabe because of his high status. The rest of them were super rich. But judging from their clothes, she could see that they were all just common wage earners.

Even if Bruce was from an ordinar

inished! " "I really don't understand what you are thinking. What else is more important than your own body?"

"Although we are halfway through the journey, we can still come back faster." "Don't you want to save time? Come here is the best choice. "

"Don't quibble. The only thing you're afraid of is that you'll make grandpa worry about you if you go back like this. But what if your leg can't recover after a long time? Then Grandpa will be more worried. "

"How could my legs hurt for such a long time with you around? I trust you more than I trust myself! "

"Come on! And stop flattering me! Do you take me as a God? My medical skills are far from that! If I had been that capable, Ellie wouldn't have... "

The conversation began to get worse and worse. At the moment, he realized it and immediately changed the topic. "You just said that you haven't come to the apartment for a long time. I don't know how it is dirty inside! Let me tell you, I'm your doctor, not your hourly employee. Don't expect me to do the cleaning for you later. And I'm afraid of spiders, cockroaches and all kinds of bugs that are crawling around in the house. "

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