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   Chapter 216 We Are Not Responsible For Each Other

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10589

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Bruce let go of her and sat back again. The moment Richie saw him in the mirror, a dejected man suddenly realized that he looked terrible.

"Bruce, how can you stand up? Do you take my words as bullshit? " Richie looked at his friend harshly, but his eyes were full of concern. "You don't want to settle this matter for the rest of your life, do you?"

He yelled at the others, "what's wrong with you? As his buddy, shouldn't he remind him? I heard that there are also relevant rules regarding drinking companions in China. If something happens to Bruce because he drank the wine, you can't escape the responsibility! "

Gabe was a bully in nature, but he was timid at heart. He knew that there was no way he could bully Bruce, and he didn't know who was Richie either. He argued in a panic, "well, it happened too suddenly. We haven't reacted yet. I was about to stop her, but you came in. "

"The most important thing is..." Mr. Yao glared at Gabe in contempt, but continued, "we didn't expect he would suddenly stand up. After all, his legs Is there anything wrong with your leg? "

"How could he be all right?" Instead of Bruce, Richie said to him, "Bruce, don't stay here anymore. Go back with me now! I will give you a thorough and thorough check right away! "

"So you are Mr. He's doctor?" The sense of superiority he had when he was talking was brought back. He had thought that Richie was a friend of Bruce, a high-end person. But it turned out that he was just a doctor. There were so many people who wished they could be friends.

Although the woman was pretty, she could be a vase. But the man, who was good-looking, had no power or money, and could only be regarded as a toy boy. Thinking of this, he looked at Richie with more disdain.

As a doctor, Richie could sense what was on Gabe's mind, but he had no time to deal with this despicable man. What he only cared about was Bruce. He didn't want to see him get hurt.

He wheeled the wheelchair to the side of the bed. When he approached Bruce, he clenched his fist. His eyes were full of anxious hopes and anxieties. "Nothing! Richie, go and take a look at Polly. She must be pissed off. That girl is a stubborn girl and she always thinks too much when she gets angry... "

"I'm sure there's nothing happened between you! And you, Bruce, you are very busy now! " Before Bruce could say anything else, Richie dragged him to a wheelchair and said, "don't think about anything now. Go home and do your spa."

The door was closed again. Gabe carefully watched Yao's face and said restlessly, "Yao, well, you see..."

Mr. Yao made a gesture of silence, took out a cigarette and lit it. He stared at Gabe's gray face in the smoke with his wolf like eyes.

"Before I came here, I had promised to our boss that we would make it. For my sake, we have been friends for so many years... " Gabe's voice was getting lower and lower.

Mr. Yao smoked one cigarette after another. It was not until one cigarette was half finished that he said slowly, "Fang, I have told you before that this matter has nothing to do with our friendship. It's not me who will make the decision. You said Mr. Fa

ney, really didn't understand what Mr. Yao meant.

"In order to untie a bell, the person who tied it is required."

"You mean, you want Jean to come forward?" Gabe shook his head immediately, "no! How could he ask Jean to come to his rescue now? She is just a girl. How could she bear such a big scene? "

Mr. Yao didn't answer. There was a strange look in his eyes, and he asked, "has Jean been bailed out?"

Gage nodded.

"We haven't seen each other for more than a year. I was wondering why a decent girl like her would like to quarrel with others." Mr. Yao suddenly turned around and asked, "do you think if she will agree if I ask her out?"

Gabe's face changed dramatically. He said in panic, "Mr. Yao, you promised me that you would never see her again. You will never tell anyone! Are you going to back out now? "

"How could I possibly back out? Fang, you are unkind for what happened today. "

"Why am I unkind?" Gabe still wanted to argue, but he was not stupid enough to tell the truth. "Yes, I am afraid that you still have feelings for Jean in your heart. But I have considered your feelings, too! That woman, Alice, is excellent in every respect. She was no worse than Jean. Most importantly, she is young and naive. "

Yao laughed wickedly, "it's your quirk to play with minor girls. I'm not as perverted as you are! As far as I'm concerned, she's nothing compared to Jean. "

Polly left the hotel with Alice angrily. The cold night wind made her cool down immediately. I couldn't control my impulse to take her out. I can't figure out where to take Alice.

It was not good for her to go back to school in this way. If she went back home, Alice would always live in school. As for her mother, it was hard to explain to her. After thinking for a while, she called Owen.

At present, living in his place was the best choice.

Owen arrived at the villa soon and didn't ask anything. Although he just said on the phone, "Owen, Alice and I are staying at your place tonight. Is it convenient for you?"

For him, as long as it was about Polly, there was nothing inconvenient.

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