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   Chapter 215 Don't Touch Her!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10235

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Polly felt that this man was really hard to deal with. She restrained her strong disgust to this man and tried to speak to him in a peaceful way, "Mr. Fang, she is my sister. Please think about it. If your sister were in such a situation today, would you take her away with you? "

Gabe didn't reply to her and went straight to Alice.

"Darling! If you leave tonight! Let me tell you the truth! If you want to continue your study at the music school, you'd better go back with me! "

He found that it was difficult to deal with Polly. People with high education and education were totally different from Alice. In fact, she was a simple and ignorant girl who came from the countryside and only knew how to sing. All he need to do is to take advantage of her weakness. If the people inside the box knew that he was an idiot, they would lose face completely.

More importantly, his plan would be ruined!

Just now, he left the box to make up an excuse to say a few words to her. Of course, everyone knew that he wanted to do something to that little girl. But now it had been so long, it would be hard to make it clear if he didn't go back.

Mr. Yao was not a pretentious person. If he misunderstood that Alice was not a young woman, then it would be useless.

A hint of hesitation surfaced on Alice's face. She loved singing very much and her lifelong dream was to produce a larger stage to display herself. She didn't want to live in a place as remote as her parents did.

"Darling, don't listen to him. Go with me!" Polly was a little anxious. She knew that what he said shocked Alice. "You went to the music school by your own ability. Whether you can continue to study depends on yourself!"

Hearing that, Gabe sneered, "Mrs. Han, I'm going to tell her not to listen to you! Are you trying to kill her! You are destroying her career! "

"Dear Polly sister!" "I... I want to continue to learn," said Alice, halting for a long time in a halting way! Sorry, I let you down! "

She ran towards the booth with her hands covering her face. Behind them, Gabe smirked triumphantly and said, "Miss Han, please take it easy."

Giving him a ferocious stare, she turned to chase after her. "Alice! Wait for me. Listen to me! "

When Polly was in front of a private room, she saw Alice was walking towards her from another hallway. Richie called out to her, "Dear Polly, what are you doing?"

Then she opened the door of the room and rushed in. When the thick brown wood door was closed, he saw a familiar face that could make her heart ache and tremble.

She suddenly felt a strong anger. Without hesitation, she rushed to open the door.

She saw a flash of surprise on his handsome face, but it disappeared in an instant.

She had imagined the scenes of their reunion many times, but none of them was like this. She was standing in front of him, while he was sitting there as if nothing had happened. He looked at her calmly with a faint smile on his handsome face.

She had always thought that he was different, but she did not ex

have your fantasy about them. They are so phony."

Crying, Alice said, "Dear Polly sister, I want to leave here and go home. I don't want to be with these big liars! "

"Polly!" The moment Polly Han turned around, Bruce sprang to his feet, clenching his fists so hard that he could almost penetrate the table. Her sweat trickled down like a waterfall, and soon his thin shirt was wet through.

Richie was going to go to the box where Bruce stayed with Polly, but he was delayed because of a phone call. When he finished talking on the phone and was about to enter the room, he saw that the door was opened and that Polly Han supported a scantily dressed girl walking out.

Seeing that him was standing at the door, Polly gave him a resentful look and left without saying a word.

Richie caught up with her and asked in confusion, "are you kidding me? You came out so soon? Do you see the Bruce? Isn't he inside? "

Deep inside, Polly was well aware of what Richie was up to. She asked as soon as she appeared in front of him, "Richie, you chose this restaurant intentionally because you knew that Bruce would have dinner here, didn't you? You know I don't want to see him now, why did you bring me here? "

"Dear Polly, listen to my explanation!" He stammered, "Bruce..."

"No, thanks! I thought you were a good friend. I didn't expect you to be so mean to me! But you didn't do anything wrong! You and he are best friends, aren't you? "

Polly left in anger.

Staring at the back of Polly who was leaving in a hurry, Richie muttered, "what the hell is going on? Did they have a fight? I don't think so. Bruce is a gentle man. "

He didn't believe that the reason why she was so mad at him was just because she met with Bruce. Suddenly, he remembered something and broke out in a cold sweat. "Oh, my God! 'what's wrong with that girl? Do she think that Bruce is messing around here? "

He couldn't wait to push open the door of the private room and saw the sweating face of Bruce. He exclaimed, "Bruce, are you crazy!"

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