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   Chapter 214 I Must Absolutely Obey Him

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When Polly knew the real purpose of Richie's coming to China, she looked at him with new eyes. Meanwhile, she felt sorry not for Avril.

It would be nice if Richie could marry Avril, a man with healthy and positive mind. However, that was because everything had its imperfections. For example, he might not be suitable for Avril due to his noble status and overwhelming external conditions. Just like her and Bruce, even if she was married, the gap between them made her extremely unconfident and insecure.

But in a word, Richie was not good enough for Avril, but for Simon, that scum? The Shen family was much more complicated than the he family. What's more, Simon was a selfish person. She used to think that he was pitiful and sympathized with the tragedy of his love with Ellie. But now she didn't know how Ellie died. His revenge on Bruce was also carried out by his psychopathic.

Simon, Ellie and Richie were in a relationship. She couldn't tell who was the first man and who was the second. But there was one intriguing point.

Simon and Ellie were childhood sweethearts. They grew up together. They had been engaged. Every aspect is strong later Richie. If both of them were willing to be together, the lovers should have been married. But why did he marry her after she died?

Although this was a manifestation of love, was it not reasonable to think so?

You're my woman now, and you're my ghost when you're alive. You can't escape from me for the rest of your life!

This was not love anymore. It was a kind of aggressive and almost crazy possession. Just like what he was doing with Avril. He didn't love her too much, but he just didn't want to let her go. As long as she was the woman he liked, no matter what the party thought, she had to absolutely obey him.

Even if he really loved Ellie, no woman could bear such breathless way of love, or one would take advantage of it. Richie had told her that Ellie was his true love, and from this sentence, she could tell that they had a close relationship.

Polly recommended several Western restaurants to Richie, but he finally chose a high-end Chinese restaurant. He said that he wanted to taste Chinese food after he arrived in China. She was curious whether he could use chopsticks or not, but she knew she was overthinking it from his skillful picking up.

He loves Ellie so much that it will be affected by her diet. Maybe he has been to China before. Or maybe it was because Ellie had ever made Chinese food for him and they had a dinner together.

It was too romantic and beautiful

Her heart was aching, but she had no appetite for the delicious food on the table.

"Dear Polly, why don't you eat? Don't you like the food here? " "I'm sorry. I don't know much about Chinese food. I thought Chinese restaurants were the same, so I didn't ask for your opinion," he explained

"No, you misunderstood me," explained Polly in a hurry. The food in this restaurant tasted good, and the chefs were all first-class. But I have no appetite these days. "

Richie nodded and showed an enlightened expression in her blue eyes. "You didn't have a good appetite when you were in the castle. I thought the western food

alling his name, he restrained her anger and smiled at her, "Oh, it's Miss Han."

He sized Polly up viciously, but then he looked away as if he suddenly remembered something. He nervously looked around and didn't see anyone else. Then he came close to her and tentatively asked, "Miss Han, are you here alone today? What about Mr. Su? Didn't he accompany you? "

Realizing the alcohol smell from him, Polly Han frowned in disgust and said coldly, "Mr. Fang, do you want to see Mr. Su?" She didn't answer him directly. She thought it was better to be careful about what kind of scoundrel like Gabe was because she didn't know where Owen was or where he was now.

"Mr Su, of course I want to see him." Reluctantly, he stopped gazing at her and said, "but I have something else to do today. Maybe next time. Darling, come back with me. "

Alice curled up behind Polly and said in a low voice, "I don't want to leave now!"

Although her voice was low, it was too quiet in the corridor and they were in a short distance, so Gabe could hear her clearly. His expression turned sour on the spot. He shouted at her coldly, "how can you stay here? There are another two girls coming with us. Do you want to give up this opportunity to others? Mr. Yao is very interested in you. It doesn't matter if you offend me. You can't offend him! "

"Mr. Fang, please. I don't want to sign the contract. Please," Alice was crying.

"You don't want it? The superior thinks highly of you. Do you have the final say? What do you think of us as beggars? "

Deep inside, Polly sneered at his remarks. 'he just wanted to frighten Alice.'. He was just the director of an image Department. He was able to represent the whole group?

"Mr. Fang, I think Alice must have been frightened. Now that she doesn't want to go, she won't go. Let her go home and have a good rest tonight. Think it over before I reply you tomorrow! "

In order to make her happy, Polly tried her best not to fall out with Alice. After saying that, she pulled her away.

"Stop!" Gabe chased after them and stopped them. "Miss Han, enjoy yourself. But don't go, my little girl!"

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