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   Chapter 213 I Know It's Stupid

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10845

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Polly thought that Hal was here to help her out, but it turned out that she was actually wanted.

Richie stood near the stairway of the first floor where the teaching building was located. The A University of students went downstairs in a hurry and wore casual clothes. The stunning smile on Richie's faces attracted the attention of most of the girls. As for those girls who looked at him, there was only one expression: amazement.

Such a handsome, sexy, positive and melancholy man could be found in many movie stars, let alone a real person.

One of the girls couldn't help but ask in surprise, "who is that golden hair handsome? Did you notice his blue eyes? "

A boy beside her answered her indifferently, "don't be so surprised. Your hair can be dyed, eyes can be worn with contact lenses, and your face can be made to accept plastic surgery. I can tell at a glance that these are all fake. I would be perfect if they are really. "

Some girls immediately retorted.

"They don't need plastic surgery, dyed hair and contact lenses! He looks like a typical British style. "

"Yes! Go to do the plastic surgery, dye your hair and wear glasses, too! Who do you think you are? You must be jealous of that handsome guy! "

The boy was snubbed and stopped talking obediently.

"Is this handsome guy the latest famous European movie star? I have been busy with my thesis these two days and didn't pay attention to the entertainment section. Did I miss something? "

"No way. As long as it's in the entertainment industry, including the stars, as long as it's a little well-known, I know all the handsome men all over the world! I've never seen him! "

"You are bragging too much!"

People in the room were all murmuring to each other and talking to each other, but Richie didn't notice anything. Keeping a charming smile on his face, he waved his hand in the direction of Polly to indicate her to come over.

But he was not a kid any more. Probably he had heard so many beautiful words that he was not thrilled at all.

The man's move caught the onlookers' attention. They all wanted to know who he was talking to.

Hearing this, Polly turned around in a hurry and got rid of Hal's hand. "Hal, go downstairs and say hello to him in a low voice. I left something in the classroom. I'll be back soon!" she said

Hal was so smart that he knew what was on Polly's mind. He laughed and said, "then you should go back as soon as possible. We will wait for you outside the school gate."

The moment Polly Han turned around, she heard Hal raise his voice. He shouted in an exaggerated way, "Hi, Richie! I'm here! "

Hal enchanting tone made Polly's heart tremble. What the hell did Hal want to do.

The next second, the girls behind them began to scream, which was like the sound of firecrackers in the festival. Their screams made people's nerves twitch.

"What are you doing?".

Seeing the intimate action of the two men in front of her, Hal ran towards Richie like a little happy bird. Hal suddenly threw herself into Richie's arms, hugged and kissed him on the cheek. She didn't know if she was really kissing him or not, but it looked like he had been kissing him.

Richie's smile was gone. He looked l

is difficult disease. Before using the medicine, I have to explain to them that it might cause a lot of terrible sequelae. If they agree, I will use the medicine. "

"But you didn't want to come, did you?" Although she thought it was impossible, she couldn't help thinking that was it because of Avril?

The sadness on Richie's face disappeared, and he said in a serious tone, "I have a reason to come here! Ellie has left without any trace, but I can't ignore the lives of others. As a doctor, just as Ellie said at that time, if everyone was clear about what he should do, the tragedy wouldn't have happened. At least, leisurely tragedy will not happen. "

"Miss Han, I know what you are thinking. Maybe you think I came to China because of the girl who looks like Ellie. But that's part of the reason. When I saw that photo, the first thing that came to my mind was the reincarnation of my soul. I know it's stupid to ask her to leave. But she finally said she didn't want to go back home. "

"I think she would rather go back to the place where she lives. If there is a life to live, she will still choose to stay there. If I came back, I would be closer to her. Life is wonderful and fragile. You won't live until you can grasp it. I don't want others to experience the pain that I saw Ellie leave before my eyes. "

"I don't think Ellie would be willing to do that,"

Polly understood that her quiet departure had let little hope for Richie, but he was still working hard and strong to love this world. But over these years, he was still living in pain.

When he found Avril who looked like Ellie, he suddenly realized that life was a miracle. If Ellie was still alive, she would live a good life as Avril did. Even if she was dead, the world would still be alive as before. He shouldn't only see death in his eyes.

It was the doctor's duty to save lives and heal the wounded, and this was what he should do and do as he could.

"Richie, can you tell me the name of that patient?" Although she had the answer, she wanted to make sure.

"It should be confidential, but to you, it should not be a secret." "His name is Hal Xia," he added

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