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   Chapter 212 Marriage Is Not A Game (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5447

Updated: 2020-03-10 11:38

This man not only gave her the meticulous care, but also taught her how to get along with people. For her, he was not only her family, but also her best friend.

What a pure beauty! Why would she only focus on the so-called romance? Once a man was narrow-minded and shortsighted, he could ignore the beautiful view even if he was at a picturesque place.

"Thank you. But I will take care of it."

However, the girl who needed to be taken care of had grown up. Although it required the good advice of their senior, there were many problems that she had to face by herself.

Owen smiled and held her hand tightly. "Promise me, don't be impulsive."

He added, "I don't mean to be impulsive. You should rush to Bruce and ask him where he went these days, why he didn't see you or something like that."

She was amused, "I know. You are not impulsive, but a calcium deficiency in your brain. "

Reaching out his hand, Owen gently rubbed her face and said, "Good to hear that. Dear Polly has always been a smart girl. So I give you only one suggestion for this matter. What you want to grasp is not to give up. No matter what others think, sadness or happiness is not important. The most important thing is your mind. "

When the class was about to be over, Polly received a call from Richie. He told her that she was waiting for her at the gate of the teaching building and that she would treat her with dinner. She knew he did it for Avril. As the initiator of the whole thing, it was not easy to refuse.

But it's not necessary to let him wait in the teaching building. His dazzling golden image was too eye-catchin

they would never do that. There is no need to punish the murderer! In my opinion, it's just that the price hasn't been settled yet! In this world, as long as you are rich, there is no cheating! "

Polly knew that Fiona had been holding a grudge against the Fang family because of her boyfriend. However, things were totally different. If she had met a man who was very loyal to relationship. Even though the Fang clan was a rich and powerful family, and someone had been killed, it was not easy for them to get to the end simply.

Most people agreed with Fiona and many of them expressed their view of making a lot of public enemy. Actually, they didn't really care if Polly thoughts or not. They just wanted to know what Polly thought of Jean.

Polly didn't want to get involved in this matter, but she was pulled into the center of the enthusiastic crowd by Fiona and couldn't walk.

"You're so boring. You're always complaining about others. Why did you drag others in?" Hal broke through the crowd and grabbed hold of Polly's arm. "Come with me. Someone is looking for you!"

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