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   Chapter 210 He Is Back (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5433

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:39

Without taking a look at the ticket, Polly said angrily, "it's not a coincidence. It's not convenient for me every day!"

"What do you mean, Miss Han?" His patience was run out, and the gentleness on his face faded away.

"I haven't asked what you mean! What did Bruce mean! If he want to break up, just make it clear to me face to face. Do you think it's fun to see me running around like a headless chicken? "

"Miss Han, I think you have misunderstood!"

"Mistake! What did I misunderstand! Tell me, what did I misunderstand? " "I bought the ticket before I left! Do you think I can't buy it myself? "

His blue eyes were full of innocence and resignation.

At this moment, her cell phone rang. This was the memo of her alarm, reminding her that she had searched every room in the castle and she should continue.

She turned off the alarm clock and angrily put her phone on the table. As her action, Richie shot a glance at her phone. At the same time, he uttered a surprising sound and reached for her cell phone.

"Miss Han, have you ever seen Sweet before?" Richie looked at the phone in his hand and there was a flicker of doubt in his blue eyes.

Polly was stunned for a few seconds and suddenly realized that Sweet was Ellie.

The wallpaper on her phone was a photo taken when she was with Avril by the lake. Coincidentally, the body and expression of Avril in the photo were almost the same as the one in the crystal frame, except for the background.

If she had never seen them before, she would have thought that they were the same person. Even if she was an acquaintance of Avril, at firs

t friends. Why do you have to be confined to your country? "

"When did I say that I'm going to make friends with miss an?"

"Aren't we friends? Don't you feel it abrupt to ask Avril so many questions?"

"How do you know that I will ask her a lot of questions?"

"It's just an assumption. If you go to China to see Avril, you won't just ask her one simple question. If you don't go, there will be no problem. "

At the beginning, it occurred to Richie that if he went to see Avril, such a handsome noble handsome man, he would definitely attract the attention of Simon. If Avril had a better choice, she might have left that scum.

However, the two men both thought of Avril as Ellie's substitute. Avril was hurt so much just by Simon.

As a result, she didn't want Richie to go with her.

In this dull atmosphere, Richie's phone rang. After hearing his words, he frowned and handed the disliked air ticket to Polly.

"Miss Han, I think you should go back. My assistant called just now and said Bruce had rushed back to the country because of some unknown reason. "

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