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   Chapter 203 Don't I Know What You Want To Do

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But before she could say anything else, Owen leaned over and fastened the seat belt for her. She refused, "you can leave now. I have other things to do and I have to get off."

Upon hearing this, Owen stopped his act. His face darkened for a moment, but he soon regained his smile. He said, "Dear Polly, don't you want to go to watch her rehearsal show? She keeps looking forward to seeing you. "

"Alice, I can visit her in the future. But I still have something to deal with today. I can't leave."

"Then tell me, what are you going to do today?"

"I..." After hesitating for a long time, she finally said with difficulty, "Bruce is missing."

In front of him, she didn't know how to explain to him. What would he think of her? Would he think she was silly? In fact, she was really stupid, knowing that there was no result.

Owen looked her straight in the eyes and said with a faint smile, "so, are you going to find him? How are you going to find him? "

"I..." If she had known how to search, she would not have left no way out like now.

Since she was trying to avoid him, Owen helped her up. He promised, "Dear Polly, even if you don't tell me, don't I know what you want to do? Don't worry. I won't let you down! "

Despite saying so, she really couldn't imagine how they could connect to each other, the music school and the BA group.

"Do you know who directed the Alice's show?"

Polly shook her head and became more confused.

"Lucy Ji!"

Polly quickly recollected, and a beautiful, cold face came into her mind. It was she who met that beautiful woman for the first time in He Residence. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked at Owen eagerly.

The man smiled knowingly.

As far as Polly was concerned, she would lurk in front of BA group. If she couldn't do it in one day, then two days, three days 'As long as Bruce comes back, there will always be a chance for her to meet. I don't believe he will throw such a big group away, ' she thought. Unless he really disappeared.

Even if they didn't meet each other, they could still block Jake and ask him what had happened in person. Since the boss was lost, as his secretary, he needed to worry about it and figure out a way to deal with it. Even if she knew that it was useless to do all these, she couldn't just keep doing nothing.

The news that Bruce was missing shocked and restless her. She couldn't think of anyone else but Jake who always stayed around Bruce. In fact, there were more than one person in A City who cared about the whereabouts of Bruce?

In the hall of the school of music, she saw that familiar figure at a glance. For a moment, she almost thought of him as Bruce. His every move, the way he moved, the way he spoke and the way he smiled were all alike, which was exactly the same way as what Bruce was doing.

But he had inherited his mother's narrow chin, and his face was much more delicate than his father, and his aura was softer and less masculine than his mother.

The news that the young master of the he clan was obsessed with the pop star

Owen for about five or six seconds, and a look of disdain appeared on his face. Soon, he smiled and said to Owen, "Ok, brother su."

The door of the VIP room on the second floor of the music school was pushed open. And Polly walked out. The door was not closed tight yet, revealing Justin's face, which was slightly red out of anger.

Polly walked along the street absentmindedly, while she still couldn't get rid of the harsh words that Justin had said to her.

"Jean grew up with Bruce. It's natural that Bruce wants to save her. Any man would do that! Why do you have to humiliate him? "

"If I and Jean make the same decision, will you feel better?"

"Miss Han, don't you think you have something to do with my brother's disappearance? At the very least, the person who got out of danger was Miss Han, not my brother. He was missing. No one knew whether he was alive or dead! What qualifications do you have to say anything about our family! "

She didn't expect that Justin would be so agitated. She just asked him if he had any news about Bruce. She had a strong feeling that Justin he loved his bother very much and they didn't have any conflict with each other because of what happened between the two brothers of the last generation.

"Polly!" Lucy's faint voice interrupted her thoughts. In a twinkling of an eye, the cold beauty came to her.

"Miss Ji, master he is still in the operating room." She pointed at the reception room. It was said that they were in love with each other very much. Maybe it was because they had been apart for too long, they even came here in person.

This woman was astonishingly beautiful and very famous. She was neither arrogant and noble nor affectation. In fact, Polly Han had a good impression of her and liked a straightforward person like her.

Lucy smiled and said, "I'm not here for him. I'm here for you."

She was slightly surprised.

At this time, the door of the VIP room opened. Lucy smiled at the man who came out. "Justin, wait downstairs for me. I will come to you later."

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