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   Chapter 200 Wherever You are, I Can Find You

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Outside the door of the dormitory, Polly saw a tall figure waiting on the lawn downstairs. She stopped subconsciously.

Owen had come to her several times, but never as early as this morning before. It was getting hotter and may was about to come to an end. He stood there casually in a casual white short sleeved shirt, with a gentle smile on his elegant face, like a white lotus blooming from the pond. After so many years, he even did not leave any marks behind his face.

He was bright, handsome and graceful. He looked like a senior student, which attracted many girls' attention.

"Who is this boy? Which department do you belong to? Why have I never seen her before? "

"I've never seen him before either. Maybe he's an outer school,"

"A senior? But why do I feel that he looks familiar? I think I have seen her somewhere. "

It's normal that he looked familiar, but the way he looked at the photo was totally different from what he saw in reality. What's more, he didn't show up in this campus as Bruce did, which made all the students of A University know him.

But it didn't matter. She sighed. It won't be long before everyone knows he is the young master of the Su group in A City, the new returnee. Moreover, there is a very famous man in the Su family, the little overlord.

A University was open-minded. When Owen was about to come over, he was stopped by two beautiful girls. They told him their names and phone numbers, and then asked directly, "may I know your department and name? Can you tell me your phone number, wechat?"

With a smile, Polly lowered her head and walked past them. Hearing the two girls' undisguised fondness for Owen, she blushed and heart beat rapidly. She felt that she was a step behind. When she liked Owen so much, she also never dared to show her love so directly.

Even for Bruce, in the most intense moment of love, her heart was only full of shyness and unutterable shyness.

She walked so fast that she didn't hear his answer. But as far as she knew him, they wouldn't get what they wanted.

He was not a saucy man.

She walked to the long road to the teaching building. The tall and big maple trees rustled in the morning breeze, and few leaves floated in front of her, touching her hair.

"Dear Polly!" Owen's voice came from nearby at this moment. He stretched out his hand to brush her hair and said, "winter just arrived, and the leaves have fallen."

Lowering her head, she stared at a yellow small palm shaped leave between her slender and fair fingers, with her heart severely blocked. The leaves didn't grow, and maybe it would never forget the tree it once leaned on. However, after half of it was lost in the soil, it would never want to go back.

When she was a child, she wanted to be loved and taken care of by this person all the time. She even felt sweet to take a look at him from a distance. But now, she wanted to keep a distance from him all the time. It was impossible for her to meet him.

Especially after she received the phone call fro

Although rose was dissatisfied with his answer, her father didn't even give her a chance to show her dissatisfaction.

"In fact, my mother didn't do that before. She was very open-minded and thought that the two people were destined to be together. She would never force me to go on a blind date. But this time, perhaps you won't believe me if I tell you the truth. My mother has a problem with not only him, but also the whole he family. I don't know the reason. Therefore, she paid special attention to my affairs. She encouraged me more than once to get you from Bruce. "

The speed of his bike slowed down again. Owen turned around and smiled, "Dear Polly, do you think her idea is unrealistic?"

This question seemed to be asked casually, but he turned around immediately, ignoring her answer. He looked lonely and desolate under the tree shadow. His silence for a long time made her feel a very uncomfortable sense of pressure.

"In fact, the first time I saw aunt that day, I felt your mother's temperament was very different." "I heard that your mother likes reading romantic novels and Korean dramas. She is a very emotional person. I thought it was just a rumor. It turns out to be true. "

"Yes." "I didn't expect that either. I thought that rich women were jewelry sparkling, noble and gorgeous. Since we moved in, I have changed my view towards this family. But I can't judge others. At least, my mother is kind and friendly. If you can spend more time with her, I'm sure she will like you. "

What he said made Polly confused. She didn't know how to reply.

"She really has a good first impression on you. Since we met last time, she has been asking me when we can meet again. She's really annoying me," he responded with a laugh

"Su family, rebellious to his father, but no resistance to his mother, I am no exception, I have always wanted to let her realize this wish."

The man kept telling her what kind of person her mother was and how much she liked him. Suddenly, a bad feeling came over Polly.

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