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   Chapter 199 You'd Better Stay Away From Him

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9851

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At about three o'clock in the morning, Polly woke up from nightmare. She was drenched in sweat all over. She sat at the head of the bed, lost in thought for a long time.

It was pitch black outside. The light of the street lamps was dim and hazy. The moon in the sky was as thin as a blade, and as sharp as an arrow stabbed into her heart.

In her dream, Bruce was hanging over the edge of the cliff and stretching out his hand to her. She was scared to death and tried to pull him up, but somehow, she couldn't reach him.

In despair, he fell into the abyss.

She couldn't help but feel that there was something in the interior, small pieces of which seemed to be broken by sharp scissors. The pain was unbearable, and the tears could not stop falling, like a stream of mountain stream.

Just then, the phone screen near the pillow lit up. It was Avril.

After so many days' waiting and worrying, she finally received this call. The trepidation in her dream had not gone away yet. Trembling, Polly reached for her phone. Her palms were sweaty. She grabbed it for several times.

"Hello, Avril..." Her voice was trembling.

The girl did not speak. She heard a sound like sneer. She could not help but ask anxiously and irritably, "is that you, Avril? where are you? Say something! "

There was no sound at all on the other end of the phone, but she didn't hang up. The deadly silence had magnified the terror in her nightmares. She broke out in a cold sweat and lifted the quilt, almost crying. "What's wrong with you, Avril? Why don't you say anything? "

She pressed her ear close to the phone screen as if she could hear the sound of dripping from the hair. But in fact, it was useless. She was afraid of waking Fiona who was asleep. She put on her shoes, got out of bed and walked out of the dormitory.

"Avril, say something! I'm Dear Polly! Can you hear me? " Polly was walking to the public toilet at the other end of the dormitory. It was the farthest distance from the dorm. Besides, she didn't disturb the other dorm except that she met one or two students occasionally.

It had been silent since she heard voice of sneer. Strangely enough, she didn't say anything or hang up the phone.

She was thinking if Avril would call her secretly, but she was found and had to hang up. Then she didn't hang up the phone, did this mean that Avril might be in danger.

But, Hal had said that all the signal on the island was blocked by Simon. If Avril was still on the island, how could she call her? 'now that she can call me, does it mean that she has left the JC Island?'.

Her mind was in a mess, like she was in a big supermarket where millions of people went shopping. The sound of buzz was buzzing.

She kept telling herself to calm down as soon as possible.

It suddenly occurred to her that she also made a call to Hal at that time. Did that mean that Simon's blockade was a loophole? Avril had bee

ril sobbed in a low voice for a while, and then said intermittently, "when you get there, buy some green bean cakes for him."

"Let me tell you, grandpa likes the fresh cakes with a sweet flavor which is steaming. There is a long way from here to the hospital, you have to take a taxi, otherwise it will be cold. "

Tears welled up in Polly's eyes. She tried her best to hold back her tears.

"Grandpa was tough and strong when he was young, but now he's old. If he wants something to eat, you have to buy it for him right away, or he will make trouble with you. He afraid of being alone. You have to visit him often and talk with him... "

"Avril!" "Avril, what are you doing?". She turned her head to the side, avoided the microphone, and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

Just now, the girl who went to the toilet just came out. Under the influence of her gossip, she came over and asked curiously, "excuse me, are you Polly? What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Polly shook her head and made a gesture of "please" to her, saying, "classmate, you'd better go back to your dormitory to sleep now. Thank you very much."

That girl was snubbed. She rolled her eyes and murmured, "I offered to help? but now you turn me down! No big deal. Even a fool can see that she has been dumped by Bruce. "

By tomorrow morning, the news that she was dumped by Bruce and hiding in the bathroom to cry would spread all over the campus. It was hard to say. Fortunately, she was used to it.

When the girl's back disappeared in the hallway, Polly managed to make her mood clear and speak in a bright voice, "Avril, stop talking nonsense. I'm experienced in taking care of elderly people. Don't worry. But you have to take good care of yourself. Otherwise, Grandpa will feel sorry for you. "

Deep in the cemetery, Grandpa's lonely tomb was flashing in front of her eyes.

Tears not only blurred her vision, but also plunged her heart into a deep mud.

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