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   Chapter 192 She Was Excluded Again (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5512

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:24

She could do nothing but say something innocuous!

It seemed that she was wrong from the very beginning. She shouldn't have pinned all her hopes on that old bitch. She remembered that Frank had taken advantage of Lord He's chance to kick Bruce's mother out of home. At that time, Bruce's mother had no money and didn't even have a place to live. If she hadn't helped her out of kindness, perhaps she would have starved to death on the street, and she wouldn't have been able to be as complacent as she was now.

For many times, after practicing dancing, she was so tired that she had to go shopping with that old woman. No matter how delicious the dishes were, she couldn't compare with the world-class chefs that her family often invited her to have dinner. She always cooked braised fish, which was her favorite food.

It was her first time to eat out there. Jean said casually that the fish was delicious. But that woman took it as her favorite. She was the daughter of the Fang clan, and she had never had any delicious food since she was a child? It was just a braised fish?

"Jean, I advise you to control your anger. What you said is right, but for the sake of Bruce, I advise you not to fall out with Auntie. For the time being, you'd better personally explain it to aunt. Aunt really cares about Bruce's reputation. She can't allow anyone to do anything harmful to his reputation... "

"Come on! I don't want to see that old woman! Since the matter has been settled, I'll hang up. " Without any explanation, Jean hung up the phone.

Rachel's words made her understand one thing, which she had always ignored. Bruce's mother didn

with him! He barely stayed at school for a semester, but he was able to get full scholarship every time. It was inevitable that others would be jealous. " Fiona changed the topic. The atmosphere was too depressing.

"What's more, he is handsome and pleasing in character. Except for his poor health, he is excellent in all aspects."

Avril an! Hal Xia! A complicated feeling rose in her heart and she guessed that maybe they would exclude her from the industry. She didn't pay attention to what Fiona was talking about.

When she walked out of the dorm, she called Avril. But she couldn't get through. Then she called Hal. Rachel had an appointment with her just now. She said he had something important to tell her. But now she only wanted to know how it was going with Avril.

The phone call was picked up the moment it got through. Polly heard Hal's exhausted voice, "Dear Polly. I'm sorry. I haven't found the whereabouts of Bruce yet."

This was what she had expected. At this moment, the question that rose from the bottom of her heart asked, "tell me the truth, where are you now?"

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