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   Chapter 190 Care About Yourself!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10104

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While rushing out of A University, Jean made a call to Rachel Du. She dialed several times, but the line was busy.

"What the hell is this idiot doing! Whom did she call for such a long time! Go to hell! Go to hell! "

She came to the parking lot, pulled the door open in resentment, and slammed the phone into the car. She got in the car and was about to start the engine when her phone rang.

When she looked for her phone, she was so angry that she could only hear the ring tone. She groped for the bell but found nothing. She unfastened the seat belt angrily, opened the door and got out of the car. Then she crazily threw all the toys, water glasses, side cushions and so on to the road.

She must see where was the mobile phone. When she found it, she would throw it to the ground, step on it and smash it with stones.

"Hello, miss!"

When she was in a towering rage, an old voice interrupted her. She turned around and saw an environmentally friendly worker in an orange vest, an old man with white hair. She cast a scornful glance at him, turned around and continued throwing things.

If she couldn't find her mobile phone, she would immediately ask someone to destroy the car. She didn't believe it, and she could never find it!

"Lady!" The man shouted again, "there is a garbage bin over there. You can throw these rubbish over there."

All of a sudden, a burst of fury came to her. Her eyes were as red as blood. She yelled at the guards hysterically, "who are you calling rubbish! Are you blind? Are my things rubbish? How can you find such rubbish? "

As she spoke, she picked up a squat cat from the floor and hit the guard in the chest. "This is a limited edition. Do you know how much it is? Do you know that your salary of a year can't be compared with this? "

"And!" Then she picked up the glass of water near her feet and snapped, "do you know its brand? This is a customized collection! Rubbish! In comparison, you are more rubbish! "

"Who did you say is trash?" The man became angry too. He pointed at the road which was messed up by Jean and yelled, "I don't care how much your things are worth. You can throw them on the road as rubbish! Pick it up right now! "

"Who do you think you are! You want me to pick it up? Why should I listen to you! You have no right to discipline me! "

"What right do you think you have?" The men's breath became short. "I don't care what the rubbish is! Haven't your parents taught you? Impolite! "

"Who lacks proper education! You old thing! Your parents have died! How can you be so rude? "

"What did you say?" The man was trembling with rage. He had never seen such an unreasonable woman before.

"What do you mean! Otherwise, I will chop your hand off! " She pushed his hand away and shouted with a ferocious look, "what's the use of you guys? Except for cleaning the floor and throwing trash, what else can you do? All of you are so pitiful. You'd rather die than live! You are like a dog, a trash! "

"Without us, can you

comments. She found out later that how could she believe what Rachel said and took this rotten chess.

Rachel was a bitch. As soon as she became the lady of the he clan, she would kick her out of the group. Every time Jean saw her pretend to be Bruce's adoptive daughter around his mother and call him brother, Jean were very jealous and wanted to tear her face.

But since she worked with Rachel Du, every time there was something wrong, she was the one dealing with it. This time was no exception. She began to call her, but as before, the phone was busy.

"Bitch! They had decided to keep in touch all the time. Now something happened, but they couldn't get through! She must have done it on purpose. "

Since she couldn't go that way, she had to find another way. She called her father's secretary because she didn't want to disturb her father and she thought she could get it by herself.

Within five minutes, his secretary came back. Jean didn't expect that it would be so fast. Her father's people were so efficient. She asked eagerly, "how is it going?"

"My lady, the matter you said has been arranged."

"Do you know who she is?"

"Lady only asked me to block the news, so I didn't investigate thoroughly. My lady, if you need it, I'll do an investigation right away. "

"No, thanks! Go back to your work, thank you. "

Since the matter was done, there was no need to look into it. It was not a society where everyone could do well without getting their names indicated. No matter who had helped her do this, it would pop up.

She was not worried about what that person wanted from her. There were so many people who were trying to fawn on her family, and also her fans. She didn't need to do this personally at all. That was the reality!

When she was lost in thought, her phone rang.

When she saw the caller was Rachel Du, she gritted her teeth out of hatred. She took the call and yelled at her, no matter it was good or bad, "you finally call me. I thought you were dead!"

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