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   Chapter 189 Strife Openly And Secretly

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Polly finally understood why she had such strange feeling just now. The reason why Jean was not mad at all was that she came here today was not for the ten million dollars, but to embarrass her in front of everyone. She had summoned so many reporters, intending to destroy her reputation.

'what a sinister scheme!'.

All kinds of questions were raised by reporters. All of a sudden, Jean burst into tears. Tears were sparkling on her beautiful face, her red lips were gorgeous and coy.

She stuffed the card into Polly's hand and begged, "I know this amount of money is far less than being Mrs. he. But, Bruce and I love each other. We really hope that you can take the money and never come to bother us again. Let us be together. I'll be grateful to you for the rest of my life! "

On the third floor of the department store, Rachel accompanied Mrs. he to buy clothes.

Bruce's mother frowned all the way. She was thinking all the time about the meeting with Polly at noon, so she didn't care the latest designer clothes.

She had a mania for buying new clothes. Since her husband leave her, she almost spent all her time on makeup and clothing. But today, she was not in the mood at all.

"Auntie, please don't be angry with her. You are so young, beautiful and noble. No matter which dress you wear, you are the unique spokesman. " Rachel Du pulled Bruce's mother's arm and said to her with a smile, "you once said that women should forget all troubles when they go shopping! Tonight, when we get together, we will have an exciting shopping event! "

"You are such a sweet talker! But I really can't cheer up today! " Bruce's mother touched her heart and said, "That guy, Polly, makes me so angry. Even now, it still hurts here! I don't understand. You and she grew up together. You are neighbors. Why are you so virtuous and thoughtful, she is so self righteous and lacks of education? I am so pissed off! "

Rachel rubbed the seat of Mrs. he's heart with a smile. "Aunt, Polly is my friend. I apologize to you on her behalf. If you are still angry, just beat me! "

Then she put Bruce's mother's hand on her cheek and said, "Just slap here! This is also a good place for you to fight here! You can hit whatever you want, as long as you feel at ease! "

Rachel moved Bruce's mother's hand from her cheek to her shoulder, and then to her hips.

Bruce's mother was amused by her reaction. She withdrew her hand and looked at Rachel affectionately, "you are an adult. How could I spank you like this! You are really a scheming girl. You are the only one who is willing to do everything to please me. To be honest, I didn't agree when Bruce offered to take you home. I thought I underestimated you. Good girl, time will tell. I've found that you're much more considerate than Jean, "

When Rachel heard the name of "Jean", her bright face became gloomy in an instant. She took Mrs. he's hand and said in a

do you think that Bruce will also be pissed off in the future? "

A glimmer of excitement flashed through Rachel's face which was hidden in the dim light. But when she faced Mrs. he, she looked worried.

"Aunt, it's not time to be angry. Please calm down. Call her and ask her to drive away the reporters, and block the news! Since she started all this, it should be easy for her to get away with it. "

As she spoke, Rachel took out Bruce's mother's phone from her bag and dialed Jean's number.

Mrs. he was grateful to her and said, "you responded quickly. I was so angry that I was confused."

"Anyone will get angry about this. You are really lucky this time!" "Hurry up. We don't know what will happen in the future. Jean has always been a goddess in A University. We can't let this matter affect her image. "

Suddenly, her phone in her pocket vibrated violently while Jean was crying. At first, she thought it was Rachel because she had told her to put phone in pocket so that they could contact each other at any time.

To her surprise, when she took it out, she saw the caller ID was Bruce' mother. Though confused, she still answered the phone.

"Hello, aunt, may I help you..."

When Bruce's mother heard the noise on the phone, her blood pressure soared by dozens of times. Trying to suppress her anger, she said, "Jean, drive those reporters away right now! Every single piece of news about what happened between you and Polly is sealed to death! "

"Why! Aunt, I did this because I want Polly to get rid of Bruce! It's almost one step away. Her reputation is about to be ruined! "

"Polly's reputation has been ruined a long time ago. She doesn't need this anymore!" Bruce's mother could no longer hold back her anger and raised her voice, "besides, I don't care about Polly's reputation at all! I don't want to see Bruce appear in this kind of boring report again! "

"Aunt, don't be angry. I know what I should do!"

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