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   Chapter 188 Compensation For Breaking Up (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5381

Updated: 2020-03-05 00:34

Jean took a bank card out of her wallet and threw it at Polly. It almost hit Polly's face, but the card rubbed Polly's shoulder and fell onto the ground.

"Yes! Although this card looks exactly the same as the one aunt gave you, the amount of money in it is greatly different! She told me everything about what she came to you this morning! Don't pretend to be pure and lofty? I know what you are thinking about! You just think the money is too little! Now I give you ten million dollars. It's enough for you ordinary people to live for several lifetimes! You should be satisfied now, right? "

Polly felt something strange when she saw the card. Bruce's mother had given her something but she didn't receive it. Now that Jean gave it to her, would she take it? It turned out that they had raised the price from 1 million to 10 million. In fact, they were rich in money.

"That's it." With a triumphant queen smile on Jean's face, she continued, "and, when your roommate comes back, tell her! It was wishful thinking for her to marry a man of noble birth and exalted status! If she want to lay a finger on that kind of man, just think about it in her next life! "

Polly was well aware that these words were not only something she needed to deliver to Fiona, but also something she needed to hear. And let her know that the family of Fang was in high position, ordinary people like her and Fiona should bow to it.

"Okay! "You'd better keep that money well, Polly. I heard that you have a sister with autism, and the treatment costs a lot of money every year. Although it's of no use, money just passe

om", the door was smashed open, and then countless cameras appeared at the door. In an instant, the sound of "click, click" and the dazzling light of the lights lit up the entire corridor.

"Miss Han, I heard that Mr. He wanted to break up with you, but you didn't agree. Is it because the break-up fee is too little? " A reporter with a camera asked first.

"Miss Han, I heard that Mr. He gave you one million as compensation for your break-up. It's equivalent to your salary of eight years if you can earn 10000 per month. The price you offered is quite enough. Why don't you agree? Do you think that as long as you are with Mr. He, you will stay with him forever and get more than one million? "

"If one million is not enough, then Miss Fang gave you ten million later, which is equivalent to your income of eighty years. Why are you still not enough? But I have a question. When you were dating Mr. He, was it because he was the boss of the BA group, the most handsome one among the rich? "

Countless embarrassing questions flooded in and almost drowned Polly.

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