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   Chapter 186 A Feeling Of Loss (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5435

Updated: 2020-03-05 00:19

"That sounds good! God knows what's on your mind! I haven't known you for long. How long have you known Polly? I don't believe you will fight against her for me! "

"Jean, I told you I'm not going to deal with Polly. She is my friend and I can't deal with her. I just don't think she's the right one for Bruce. There's a huge gap between their living habits, thinking styles and aspects. They two are together. The story between Cinderella and Prince is just a fairy tale, and they won't be happy. However, you are different. You come from the same family and live the same life as Bruce and receive the same education. You are a perfect couple! Only you are a perfect match for him, and only a man like him can match you! "

"Okay! Don't be so lofty! " Despite that, she said in a much softer tone, "most importantly, it's for your own good! You don't want to help someone. What you care about is only his background! If she was in my shoes, you would definitely help her. "

"That's impossible. Don't think too much! You just need to know that I'm always on your side! I'm hanging up, and I'll make a video call to you now. Wait a minute. Don't worry! "

What the hell do you think you are! If you don't have a father who can make money, you are nothing! I hope you are always a noble lady. Your father shouldn't go bankrupt like Polly's stepfather. Otherwise, I will make you suffer more!

What's more, it was really a torture for Polly to have a boyfriend who was in such a bad mood. They grew up together and lived in the same house and lived the same life. Why did all the men she loved fall in love with Polly? F

she must be coming to urge her again. At this point, she was in no mood to deal with her and hung up the phone without any hesitation. But who was Jean? How could she hang up the phone so easily?

Rachel didn't care about her image and directly refused to put on her shoes. She sat on the stairs with one foot bare. After taking a photo of the campus view, she sent it to Jean.

Anyway, Jean was very familiar with the campus and she knew where to take photos.

The message from Jean soon asked her to take photos of all the landmark buildings like teaching buildings, dormitories and art buildings.

Sitting on the steps of the teaching building which was a little far from the dorm and the art building, Rachel took a seat near to it. Even if she wore shoes, it would take her dozens of minutes to get a picture of all the places, let alone pulling out her shoes now.

Then she would be late for work.

She had no choice but to lower her shoes and connect them with the teaching building by video recording.

This time, she would definitely not think it was a lie.

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