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   Chapter 183 Lucky To Climb On The Rich Family, Is Also Suffering Life

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It was still very quiet at the school gate when Polly came here by Owen's car. It was time for class, but there were many people coming and going.

She saw several familiar figures in the crowd. They were Sally and others. Needless to say, it must be that Sally had heard the news and spread it in the school, stirred up someone to come to see her jokes.

At this moment, together with several people beside her, Sally was looking at her gloatingly.

How could a person be so bad? Polly didn't think that there was any deep hatred between her and Sally. Why didn't she let her go every time? Do you have to doom me to death? '?

The rest looked at them one after another. Watching, satirizing, disdain and so on, many emotions mixed together, were even more vicious than the sunlight, which made Polly feel suffocated. Most of them were the same kind with her and had the same attitude towards her. And those who really wanted to learn would never do such a boring thing.

She was an obscure nobody before. Thanks to Sally, she became the focus of a conference. However, it didn't matter. She was not the first target of public criticism. Sally just wanted to humiliate she so that she could be looked down in front of others. If she showed no emotion, the other party would feel boring.

Mrs. he seemed to have seen her. The door was opened, and she strode towards her.

But someone rushed to the car faster than her. She felt something different in front of her eyes. When she looked at the person carefully, she saw that Sally leaned forward with her hands on the car door, a flattering smile on her face.

"Hello, Auntie! My name is Sally. I'm a good friend of Jean. Are you here for Polly? She has gone too far on this matter. We are all deeply ashamed of her behavior! You don't have to lecture her in person. It will only make your hands dirty. If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know and I promise to satisfy you! "

Bruce's mother looked at her up and down with sharp eyes and said in a cold voice, "Miss. Ding said she is a friend of Jean..."

"Yes, that's right! Jean and I are good friends. She is a good dancer. I am her fan! 'Someone like her, she's talented and beautiful. She came from a rich family and was clever. She was really a noble lady of the heaven. Not only many boys are pursuing her, but also in the eyes of girls like her... "

"Miss Ding, I have been with Jean for many years. I know all the advantages and benefits she has brought to me. You don't have to tell me one by one." At this moment, Bruce's mother interrupted her, "what do you want to say? Just say it. Don't beat about the bush."

Being interrupted abruptly, Sally felt a little embarrassed. Observing her countenance and noticing Bruce's mother's impatience, she frowned slightly. Her desire to hit Polly was almost deflated, but she would never let go of any opportunity to belittle Polly.

After calming herself down a bit, she continued, "I'm defending Jean! What's so good about Polly that she even couldn't hold a candle to Jean! Why can she get Mr. He's affection? Sin

s the matter with you students? The class should begin now? Why were they all standing at the school gate? The teacher just doesn't care about it? How could you be so myopic? "

Silent, Polly looked back at the school gate. As she left, the crowd dispersed quickly. Now she had just started a class. Even if she was two minutes late, it didn't matter. After all, they didn't go to school every day. Nobody was interested in such little things happened by accident.

"Why don't you answer me?" Bruce's mother scolded, "We were in the same college. No one was so bored as them were! What's wrong with young people nowadays? One by one! "

Polly didn't know what else to say. Was she telling her that there were too many students out there, and that the real elites were still studying hard in the classroom? She didn't know how many troubles she would make if she said so.

Bruce's mother ordered the driver to drive to the artificial lake. It was time for lunch. On holidays, there was few people by the lake. Mrs. he sat down on the bench with lots of trees lined up.

"Polly Han, have a seat!" Bruce's mother said impatiently, "You don't want to talk to me by yourself, do you? Why do you pretend to be an obedient wife in front of me? You know what I mean. "

"The weather is so hot in such a hot summer day. Let's make it short!" She then looked at Polly with piercing eyes and continued, "I've read all the news on the Internet. What you said might not be true, but whether it is true or not, you have caused damage to the reputation of He clan! We won't accept a person like you! Of course, for the sake that you've been together with Bruce for some time, I can make it up to you! "

Mrs. he took out a bank card from her handbag and handed it to her. "Here's 1000000 in this card. It's enough to make up for you!"

"Nowadays, you young people are really cheeky and unreliable. If they broke up today, maybe they could go together tomorrow! I don't know if you really break up with Bruce or not, but either way, I hope you won't pester him in the future! "

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