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   Chapter 182 Dear Polly, if you want

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In order to save time, she got on Owen's car to A University. When she reached the school gate, she ran into Bruce's mother's car. As far as Polly was concerned, she was too scared to get off the car. It would be too embarrassing if there was a conflict here.

She waited for a while, but didn't see Bruce's mother get out of the car. She parked her car there and didn't mean to drive to the University. When she was wondering, Bruce's mother called.

"Hello, aunt!" She said cautiously.

"Are you available now?" Bruce's mother said coldly.

"I have time."

"Okay. I'll wait for you at the school gate! I have something to tell you! "

At the thought of being seen with Owen by Bruce's mother after she got off the car, she was in a rage.

However, she could not refuse him. She could only promise her.

"Dear Polly, let's get in through the back door." On the other hand, Owen had figured out what was going on. When he suggested driving, he turned the steering wheel.

At that moment, the door of Bruce's mother was opened. She got out of the car and walked towards Owen's car. At the same time, she waved to Owen, indicating that he could leave later.

Hearing this, Polly's heart almost jumped out of his throat. The window glass of Owen's car was dark colored, so she could not see who was sitting inside the car. But she was sitting in the passenger seat. If Bruce's mother came over and talked to him, he would see her as soon as the window was rolled down.

Things were getting worse and worse, but she could do nothing to change it.

The two clans were old family friends, and the he family's mother was an elder. He had to greet them in accordance with etiquette, and Owen couldn't turn a blind eye to it. But on the other hand, if he drove away before Owen's mother's eyes, people would become suspicious.

What should I do? What should I do?

Polly was so nervous that her face was covered with sweat. She tightly held the facial tissue which was used to wipe sweat just now. The thick mass of tissue was almost wet with sweat from her palms.

Bruce's mother's high-heeled shoes created a clear sound in her arrogant gaze. Then she saw Owen's car parking at the gate of A University. All of a sudden, she came up with a question.

Was she in his car?

However, Owen didn't give her the chance. He quickly turned the steering wheel. When she was about to knock on the car window, the engine let out a long roar and drove out like a sharp arrow.

Bruce's mother was stunned and stayed there for a long time before she came to herself. She stared angrily at Owen's car, with an awkward expression on her face.

"Don't you think it's rude to leave like this?" After staying away from Bruce's mother, Polly Han felt slightly relieved, but she immediately asked this question.

"Or what else?" "If she finds out that you're in my car, do you want this to happen? How could we be too polite in such an emergency? "

"Thank you," said Polly Han gratefully

"We don't need to say thanks to each other." "Dear Polly, you are in an awkward situ

it, okay? "

After Polly got out of the car, Owen reached out to take her by the wrist and said, "Dear Polly, are you really going to see her? I think now you'd better avoid her first. When she calms down, you can meet her. "

Polly shook her head. Since she had decided to be with Bruce, she would not escape from it.

"Dear Polly, I know your temper! Once she made up her mind to do something, she would never back down! But, is Bruce so important to you? Was it so important that you did even dare to stand being sneered by his family for him? You saw it with your own eyes that day in the JC Island. The woman he chose was actually Jean. " There was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

He had got the answer for the question he asked her just now. The one that Dear Polly cared about most was not him, but Bruce. It was only a daydream for him to hold Dear Polly into his arms again.

"I'm sorry, Dear Polly! I didn't mean to bring up your sad past. I just thought that you did deserve a better man than Bruce! You should find someone who always thinks for you! I can tell you that Bruce will never do that. But I am different. I only care about you! I can give up everything for you! "

"Stop, I have to go now," said Polly in a low voice, avoiding his intense gaze

"Dear Polly! Stay! " Although he knew there was no hope, he still tried to persuade her to stay. He had nothing but his Dear Polly, but now, the only warmth had also gone away from him.

Why did he leave her at the beginning? The fight between the two brothers only left him a profound impression.

Everyone had to pay the price for his choice.

Polly ran to the big mirror in front of the teaching building and smoothed her hair and her clothes. She knew that she could not hold a candle to Jean's position in Bruce's mother's heart, but she did not want to be looked down upon by her. So she tried her best not to be impolite. For herself as well as for the future with Bruce.

After taking a few deep breaths, she straightened herself and walked towards the front door.

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