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   Chapter 181 To See His Mother

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10166

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The place they met was a small and exquisite coffee shop, which was near the window. Sitting opposite to that lady uneasily, Polly could guess who she was from her extremely similar appearance.

She was Owen's mother. They looked like each other very much.

Polly was caught off guard by Owen's mother sudden call. She guessed that Owen's mother must come here for her unreasonable gossip on the Internet. Polly was ready to be severely reprimanded by her.

Mrs. Su was wearing a set of colorful casual clothes. She didn't look like a graceful lady at first sight. But when he got closer, he could see that every move of hers was elegant and leisurely.

She had a tender temperament and a natural beauty. She must be an otherworldly beauty when she was young.

"Miss Han." Her voice was soft, and even if she didn't smile, she was always smiling, which was inherited from Owen.

"I'm sorry to bother you. Please don't mind."

He stopped stirring the coffee. His mother's soft but unnatural tone made her relax a little.

"Aunt, I'm sorry. I..." She didn't know what to say. She felt very guilty and uneasy as Owen's reputation was damaged. If Owen's mother scolded her as hard as she could, she would feel better.

"Miss Han, why did you say sorry?" Owen's mother wore an amiable smile on her face. She stared at Polly unblinkingly and said, "in fact, I think that Owen is a good match for Miss Han."

Hearing that, Polly looked at her mother in surprise. For a moment, she could not understand what she wanted to say. Did she mock at him? Or did she mean it.

Her mother sighed and continued, "I feel guilty about him. I want to give him the best thing in the world. Since he came back, I arranged many blind dates for him. All of them are outstanding women from a rich family and with outstanding talent. I thought they would be the best for him. Unfortunately, none of Owen's friends comes into my sight. "

"I asked him if he loved someone else. That kid has always been silent, even to me, his mother. This was different from Abbe. In fact, it's my fault too. If he was brought up by me, he wouldn't be like this. However, even if he didn't tell me, I have a vague feeling that he must have fallen in love with someone. "

"Owen is low-key and doesn't like to hook up with women. He has a distance with the women around him. So I have been paying close attention to the scandal on the Internet. "

Polly blushed. She lowered her head and dared not to look at her mother. She guessed that it was time to get down to business now, because she was the mother of Owen. No matter how bad the words he had said to her, she could bear them.

"I pay attention to both the Internet and Owen. I thought that Owen would immediately take actions to cut off the source of the news. However, he didn't do that. Every time he saw news related to this, he would smile. To be honest, I have never seen him smile since he came back home. So, I think, Miss Han must be special to Owen. I've always wanted to see what kind of

ar Polly, where are you now? Are you still at school? "

This was out of her expectation. For a moment, Polly responded, "I'm not at school. I'm in a cafe."

"Then go back to school quickly. If aunt can't find you at school, she must be even more angry! Aunt is a typical woman who has a soft heart and a sharp tongue. If you let her vent her discontent easily, everything will be fine! Auntie has driven here. You should be mentally prepared! No matter what she says or does later, you have to endure it. Just wait until Bruce comes back! "

"By the way! Don't tell Auntie that I told you about it! Otherwise, she will be angrier! "

Owen's mother had already left when Polly came back. Only Owen was there waiting for her. The skeptical and weak sunshine passed through the bright glass, leaving a light golden shadow on his soft forehead. While stirring his coffee with a spoon in his hand, he turned his head slightly and looked out of the window at a few poplar trees with lush trees by the side of the road.

When she got close to him, Owen turned his head and smiled at her gently.

"Dear Polly. I'm sorry. I apologize for what my mother did to you."

"It's okay. Your mother is a nice person."

She sighed to herself. As a well-educated lady, some of them were as dignified as Bruce's mother, while some were as tender as her mother. That was why their circumstances were so different from each other. The difference might be related to their family life.

Since she entered the upper class circle, she had learned that the CEO of the Su group spoiled his wife very much. Judging from her manner, she knew that Owen's mother must have married a good husband. Her every movement and speech showed her sweetness. But Bruce's father was messing with other woman. His mother had no choice but to leave.

"Don't take her words to heart. I didn't clarify it in front of her just now because I didn't want to disappoint her and I hope you can understand. I promise that I'll explain to her when I get back. "

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