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   Chapter 179 They're Going To The Seaside Together

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10130

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As for Polly, she was waiting for Bruce's call anxiously. Since yesterday, his phone had been switched off. She called Jake and the latter told her that the CEO was in a meeting and couldn't answer the phone.

It was a note from Sally. In order to give her a shock, Bruce took Jean to the South Seaside yesterday. She didn't know whether it was true or not, but she chose to believe the latter if a comparison between them.

Avril hadn't come back yet, and Bruce had lost contact with her again. Even Hal had asked for sick leave. She was depressed. She hadn't listened to any lesson in the morning. She was so drunk that she couldn't fall asleep.

Just then, Rachel called. She called her several times before, but nobody answered the phone all the time. So she left a message for her to call back when she was free.

When the classroom was about to turn around, she snuck out of the classroom through the back door and went to the corridor.

"But, why do you call me so late?"

"Sorry, Dear Polly. Today, I accompanied Bruce and several clients from America to the newly developed holiday resort in South. We have been busy all morning! He even didn't have time to go to the bathroom. Now that I can't catch my breath, I want to call you. "

"What did you say? Bruce had gone to the South Seaside? When did you go there? "

"Yesterday, I stayed in a hotel last night. Bruce is so considerate and thoughtful. How can he compare himself with us girls? "

That sent a chill to her heart. She tried several times but still couldn't suppress her uneasiness. She asked, "Rachel, tell me the truth. Is Bruce really going to the South Seaside with a client?"

"This one?" "Of course I went with my client. Hehe I also bought you the special product of South Sea. When I come back, I'll send it to your school... "

"Huh!" "We are good friends, aren't we? We are special, aren't we? "

"Dear Polly, what are you talking about? Of course we are good friends! We grew up together and we are very close to each other! "

"Then you won't cheat me, will you?"

"Of course I won't lie to you! Ha ha ha Dear Polly, why are you so strange today? "

Hearing that, Polly was short of breath. It took her a while to pluck up the courage to ask, "then tell me, is Bruce staying with Jean now?"

"Well, Bruce took her here and promised her. Dear Polly, don't think too much. There's nothing going on between Bruce and Jean. Bruce really came to South Seaside this time to negotiate business with his client. Jean just dropped by. "

You can drop by and play with them. She knew more or less what kind of person Bruce was. He was not that kind of man who couldn't distinguish work from love. Now that he was willing to bring her along, there was only one thing that could show his special status in his heart.

If she hadn't been rescued from the JC Island by Owen and imprisoned there by Simon, would Bruce give up his work and the beauty in his arms to pick her up?

The answer was obvious. He wouldn't! Otherwise

She didn't want to be involved with this man, which would make people think that they were still entangled. At that time, not to mention Fanny would make trouble for her, even she would look down upon herself.

Kevin hand froze in the air. A trace of pain could be seen on his face. "Dear Polly, do we have to do this?"

"Kevin, we are only classmates now, and in the future! If you really have something to tell me, then I will give you a satisfactory answer! If not, please make way for me. I still have class. "

She was not patient with anyone now.

"Yes, I have seen the news on the Internet. Are you really together with Owen again? "

Now she understood that he came here to confirm his guess. He had always been brooding over her relationship with Bruce as soon as she broke up with him, so he was eager to know if she would give up on Bruce because of Owen.

If so, he would feel better.

Unfortunately, she would probably let him down.

"We are not together." "Now he is just my brother. He will be my brother in the future."

Kevin a pair of bushy eyebrows tightly intertwined together, he reluctantly asked," why? Haven't he always been in your heart? You can't forget him, can you? You wrote this down in your own diary! "

"Kevin! Please don't tell others that you have read other's diary in public, okay? " She had never seen a man so shameless as him.

Kevin realized his mistake and apologized, "I'm sorry."

"I've already said that there is nothing to be sorry for! The best thing you should do now is to be a dutiful man! Many things have passed. I don't want to live in the past forever! I hope you will be the same! "

"Dear Polly, I can't believe that until now, you are still willing to tell me your innermost thoughts and care about me so much!" Apparently, he was a little excited. "Dear Polly, I know you. What's past is past! Now that Bruce doesn't want you anymore and you are not together with Owen, I'm going to break up with Fanny. So we can be together again. "

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