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   Chapter 175 Do I Need To Stay Here For The Whole Night

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10389

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Looking at his eyes with disbelief, Polly felt that he was suffocating.

Her dear Owen should not be like this. He was like a sunshine coming from the spring to the winter, always with a warm smile on his face no matter where and where.

If you give up something, the original intention will never come back. No matter how many mountains and rivers you went, you still couldn't find the same peach blossom as it was.

He should find someone worth loving instead of wasting his time on her.

She had been married to a man she loved. He might have many shortcomings, and he didn't love her so much. But did that mean she hadn't worked hard enough?

If she gave up at the moment, and missed Bruce, would she still feel sad like Owen after so many years?

You should fight for what you like and grasp what you care about! People always had some shortcomings, and there was no perfect person at all. But her heart was still like a vast expanse of fog.

"It has been so many years, how can I remember so much?" She gently took a towel to dry his hair. "Moreover, didn't you experience those things yourself? What do you want to say? "

"But I want to know." "Besides, don't you think we should find something to talk about? We don't have so much time to spend on the party?" he asked with a wicked smile

Hearing that, Polly was stunned and asked in disbelief: "do you mean that I have to stay here for a whole night?"

Owen nodded with a smile.

"As long as you stay here for one night, Simon will let you go tomorrow."

Polly looked at the few pieces of peanuts on the table in front of her, and then looked at the large pile on the other side of Owen. She couldn't remember how many times she had lost. In the past, she always lost a game of go with him. Unless he deliberately gave her room, there was no chance to win.

She was not bad at playing chess, so she was a master among her classmates. But there was more than one or two levels between her and Owen. But in fact, she didn't like it. She learned it for him. In order to be with him, they could have common topics.

After he left, she didn't play anymore. Although she was good at chess, she was not interested in it. It had been so many years that he had become more distant, but he was still as cold as before.

It was a shame that she was defeated miserably.

"Dear Polly, how long haven't you played chess? Why is it so chaotic? " Owen pointed at the piece she just put and said, "we used to go the same way, but you didn't do it in this way."

"Really? What is the same chess way? " She looked down and rubbed the table with her index finger unconsciously.

There was an unreadable expression in Owen's black eyes. After a long time, he sighed slightly and said, "on your thirteenth birthday, you insisted on playing the chess for the whole day. And you won the last round."

With an expression on his face, he was lost in thought. He had never yielded to anyone else when it came to the field of chess skill, and he would never give an exception even to his opponent, Polly. He gave in on purpose that d

ong as I don't disturb him, ' she thought.

She walked to open the door. The window on the balcony was open. A gust of cold wind came through the room. She could not help sneezing several times under the sudden chill. She immediately covered her mouth with her hand, and confusedly turned her head to look at the small study. She wondered if such a loud noise would wake him up.

She stood by the door and waited for a while, but she didn't see any movement in the small study. She walked out and gently closed the door. As soon as she arrived at the corridor, the man's groan sounded clearer than before. It seemed that there was an irresistible force that was pulling her to find the source of the sound.

And find that man to comfort his pain by all means.

Simon's bedroom was on the second floor. When she walked down the stairs, she had a premonition. Without giving it much thought, he went straight to the room in which Ellie's celestial position was held. Sure enough, the closer they were to the crowd, the more clearly the man's low and depressive groan became. She could even recognize that the voice was somewhat familiar.

The corridor was dark without any light on. The wind howled like a ghost outside, and the groan coming closer and closer rendered the atmosphere extremely depressing and depressing. She felt like a stone blocked on her chest, suffocating and uncomfortable. She quickened her pace and trotted forward.

The long and empty corridor in front of her was so dull. She didn't know why it suddenly became so long, as if she could never run to the end.

They were closer to the room where the altar was held, and she was sure that the man's voice was from that room.

She finally arrived at the door. The voice that had been bothering her all the time suddenly disappeared. With her trembling hands, she tried to open the door. It was not locked, so she pushed it.

She placed one hand on the door frame and covered the other on her chest, panting. When she saw what was going on inside, she showed a surprised expression.

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