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   Chapter 172 I Don't Want To Let You Go

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For a moment, Polly met the hesitation in his eyes. She was afraid that if she left with him, she would never see him again.

As soon as Bruce loosened his grip, she grasped his arm and said firmly, "Bruce, I want to go there with you!"

Although his eyes were as dim as the night, there seemed to be a wonderful light in them. He smiled and quickly grabbed her hand.

"Dear Polly, aren't you afraid? "? Even if Simon is my enemy? Will he plot against me? "

She had already sensed the hatred of Simon, but he did not cower at the critical moment, so she would not cower, and certainly accompany him to the end.

"Then let me ask you, why did you come here since you knew that Simon would deal with you? Aren't you afraid? "

Perhaps, his heart was full of love for Jean, but that was his business. At this moment, it was him who took her away from the villa. He did what a husband should do. Therefore, she had to do something belonging to herself.

It's the right thing a wife should do!

He was stunned for a while, and then smiled, "Okay."

"Wait!" As soon as he entered the room, Owen said, "Bruce, I know you're not afraid of Simon. But do you know how she struggled through the days on this island? Aren't you afraid that Simon would deal with Dear Polly? "

Bruce slowed down and looked back at Owen, "I don't know what you have done to make Simon promise to take you away. But since you have a way, I have my way to protect her."

"Really? 'Bruce, to be honest, if there's only one person in your heart, that is, you must be extremely loyal to her. If you say you can protect her well, I will never doubt your ability.'. But now, I really can't figure out how can you save two people who are not together at the same time. "

He had sounds in the word 'if you only care about one person now'. At the same time, he kept an eye on her face. His lips curved into a smile when he saw the disappointed look on her face.

"Bruce, I want to know a question. If you are in danger, which one would you choose to save first? Whether for divorcing or for me, this matters! I can't let Polly take the risk following you without any promise! "

Bruce said in an ice cold tone, "I know clearly who should be saved first and who should choose first. There's no need to tell you. I don't like the feeling of being questioned!"

It was windy by the sea. The leaves on the treetops swayed in the breeze. Mottled tree shadows were fallen on Owen's handsome face, but it was hard to see the expression on his face clearly.

"That's just an excuse you don't want to answer!" Owen had concluded a conclusion. He turned to look at Polly and said, "yes, I want to know. It's exactly what you are thinking about. Why don't you ask him? "

"No, I don't want to know." Sensing the instant disappointment on Owen's face, she felt her heart was blocked by something. "I'm sorry, Owen."

With these words, she took his arm and walked forward without looking back.

Standing rooted to the spot, Owen stared blankly at her slender back until he saw the endless beauty.

Dear Polly was finally willing to call him the nickname he used to call, but he didn't feel ha

play the piano. Why are you following me? Come on, let's continue! "

Polly thought that Simon was really good at pretending to be thirteen. He was the one who let them in just now. If he was really afraid of being disturbed, he should have shut his mouth and shut it up. Did he really want to do such an intimate thing with Avril in front of so many people?

"Simon, can you teach me later? You can see the guest first."

Avril was usually as bold as a girl, but now she was careful when facing Simon. Her tone was full of begging.

This man could die, he didn't know how to respect women at all. Polly took a glance at a blue and white porcelain vase on the wooden shelf in the corner and then at Simon's head.

She clenched her fists into two fists and put them on her sides. She had to control herself, for both Avril and for Bruce.

Though she was unwilling to do so, she had no way to compete with Simon who had been in the gym for years. She was forced to turn around to face the clear-cut black and white keyboard. The man forcibly played the chaotic melody which made people feel annoyed.

The man in black saw this, but he did not show surprise. Perhaps he had been accustomed to it. He retreated to the door and gestured his companions to come in. The two of them were guarding there like two dark men.

Bruce's eyes were as cold as ice, as if he hadn't noticed Simon's deliberate spite. He stood there expressionlessly, and his only action was to hold around the slender body of Polly.

After about half an hour, Simon got tired after playing for such a long time. He pulled Avril away from her legs and pushed her aside at once.

Avril lowered her head and was pulling the hem of her dress with her hands. She stood aside silently. Polly wanted to walk over and comfort her, but she was afraid that Avril would be embarrassed if she saw such an embarrassing scene. She'd better not say anything at this time, and she couldn't let Simon watch the drama. She held back her tears and wanted to see the expression on Avril's face, but she failed.

She wondered if Avril was crying too.

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