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   Chapter 171 Is It You That She Loves

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9597

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"What's there?" "Where are you?".

The tide was very high last night, and there was nothing dark in the water. Now the tide was ebbing down, revealing a boundless golden beach. The flowers and plants on the beach seemed to have changed the dark color, clearly appearing in front of them.

Bruce stood straight, looking into the distance, a trace of sadness flowed through his dark eyes. He replied indifferently, "lily."

"Lily? There are so many of them! " A shadow of astonishment passed over her face.

The area on the hillside was covered by the sun. The white flowers reflected the strongest light, as if the white clouds from the sky had landed on the earth. She had only noticed that place before, but now she found that it was really full of mountains and hills, and the villa where they lived seemed to have fallen into the world of ice and snow.

"Did she like this kind of white lily best when she was alive?"

"Well, she said that snow white is the purest color." All of a sudden, Bruce turned his head to look at her, slightly surprised, "you know about Ellie?"

"Yes, I know," replied Polly carefully, eyes sparkling. Do you know what kind of person Leon is? "

She vaguely felt that there seemed to be a new story between Ellie, Simon and Bruce. At least, Ellie was an old friend of him.

Mentioning his dead man in front of him would surely remind him of unpleasant memories. But she really wanted to know. She had nothing to do with Ellie, but now she had to ask because Avril was involved. Besides, she had a certain feeling that it had something to do with Simon's revenge on Bruce and his bringing her to the island.

Looking at the dazzling snowflakes in the distance with sorrowful eyes, Bruce kept silent for a long time.

Polly stared at his handsome face. Even though he didn't say a word, he looked as if he were soaked in a cold fog. Inside his body, there was an undisguised sadness and a rich memory of the past.

She had never seen such a lonely and upset Bruce before.

She had misunderstood before. The woman that had won Bruce's heart was not Jean but the ethereal beauty? For all these years, he hadn't slept with any woman except for Jean. He didn't accept her because he loved her.

Then, it was guessed that both Simon Shen and Bruce he liked Ellie, and that they had a series of fights to win her back. In the process of the fighting, Ellie was involved and unfortunately killed.

However, her death had nothing to do with Bruce. How stupid she was. But from the way he looked, it was obvious that he had a deep feeling for Ellie.

"She is a very good and good girl."

He said it just as he thought that Bruce would not answer her question. His palm was slightly cold, with some morning dew, gently covering the back of her hand.

"What kind of good friend?" If there was a mirror in her min

sciously. His body was straight, like a sharp sword out of its scabbard. His eyes were as cold as the blade radiance reflected by the moonlight.

The next moment, she saw a few people coming from a side road, and the one in the front was Owen. He wore a wine red T-shirt, making his skin as white as snow.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said in a gentle and clear voice once again, "Dear Polly."

"Why are you here?" "What are you doing here?".

Didn't JC Island reject any visitation? What's more, why did he come here at this time? As a shrewd man, he must know it clearly that how could he allow him to go to the island.

"What are you talking about? Why can't I come here?" With his legs crossed, he quickly walked up to her and said with a smile, "because I'm separated from this place."

Reaching out his hand, he said in a soft voice, "come to me, and I'll take you away from here."

"No, thanks." Bruce pulled Polly behind him, eyes fixed on Owen, and said coldly, "as long as I'm here, Polly won't follow you."

With the same smile on his face, Owen Su said calmly, "Bruce, why are you so stubborn! Simon has promised me that as long as I come over, I can take Dear Polly away immediately, but he doesn't seem to promise you like this. You should know very well why he asked you to come here and why you took him away. Don't you always claim to be a person who loves Dear Polly? You definitely don't want her to take risks with you. "

"What's more, Jean is in the hands of Simon now. You used to be a good friend of his. You should know what kind of person he is. It's impossible to take them both away from him at the same time! "

"I'm Dear Polly brother. I have the same relationship with you and Jean. Please trust me. I will protect her well. " Owen held back the smile in his eyes and said seriously, "so, it's the wisest choice for you to ask Jean. Polly for me."

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