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   Chapter 162 She Will Die Here

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9713

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Curling up in the corner, Polly felt tired, cold and hungry and really had no strength. The sport just now had consumed too much heat, and now she was so hungry that she couldn't even stop trembling.

She had been wondering if she would die like this. The sound of the tide seemed to be getting farther and farther away from her, and gradually blurred into the shape of eardrums. It wouldn't be long before everything in the world would leave her. She would be surrounded by darkness, until she also became darkness.

A sudden sound of door opening came through, followed by a cold wind with a strong force. Her sweat all over her body was blowing straight by the wind. However, she didn't move and still maintained the posture of curling up.

She had dreamed about it more than once that someone entered the room, found her and saved her. But every time they would end up with disappointment.

She thought he was right this time.

This was a very remote place and no one would find her. Even if they did, no one would be willing to enter such a shabby house.

In the end, she would die here.

The dazzling light overhead made her more dizzy. She lowered her head and avoided it. From the blurry light covered his smiling face, he walked towards her with his hand reaching out. She wanted to shout at him and held his hands, but she didn't have the strength and could only watch him not far away.

That's right. He is not far away from me. He can't come here no matter how hard I try.

The door opened and in came two men.

"Brother, look at this woman. Is she dead? It's so cold here, and she hasn't eaten anything for a long time! " The young man became nervous when he saw his motionless brother. "Brother, I've never seen a dead man!"

"I don't think so." While speaking, the middle-aged man stretched out his foot to kick Polly's leg. But after kicking twice, he didn't see any response from the other side.

The young man was terrified. He got close to Peter and was about to kick him. "Why doesn't she move? Let me kick you a few more times! "

"Enough!" The middle-aged man stopped him, "what the hell do you take this for! Didn't I ask you to bring her food? Why didn't you do that! What's worse, you have eaten them all! Have you ever eaten such food all your life? Anything you like! "

"How could you blame me like that?" The young man felt aggrieved and explained, "didn't you say that if she was disobedient, she won't give the meal? Haven't you said that you don't want to waste food? You think I like the food? It's so yummy! "

"I was just kidding. Can't you see that? You are even more stupid than a pig! "

The young man grumbled, "I'm stupid! I thought you knew I was stupid! What are you going to say to me? Can't you say half of it! How could a brainless pig like me understand! You must explain it all clearly! "

"It's too late. The superior are

her no clothes or food. He could meet her half death because of the cold and hungry. He was definitely intentional.

He was a person who enjoyed torturing others and taking pleasure in them. Just like now, when he saw her embarrassed look, he didn't say anything, but in fact, he must be gloating in his heart.

"Can you tell me who you are?"

The man's exploring eyes fell on the face of Polly. He paused for a while, and then curled his lips into a meaningful smile. He said, "my name is Simon Shen, and I used to be the best friend of Bruce. But, has he never mentioned me to you? Look, this man is really ruthless. He has a girlfriend but forgot to be her friend. A lover is more important than a friend! "

"As you said, it was in the past, so there is nothing to complain." "Besides, I'm not that close to him as you said. It's normal that he doesn't tell me anything."

"I have a kind of feeling after hearing what you said. You don't seem to have a good relationship with him. "

A touch of vigilance rose in her heart. It seemed that the man had been trying to get some information from her all the time about the relationship between she and Bruce.

What did he mean?

"If I tell you what I'll do to deal with Bruce tomorrow, it doesn't matter any more."

"Bruce? tomorrow! Did you catch him here? " "What?". She didn't believe it at all. At that time, Bruce had many bodyguards around him and he was good at fighting.

Simon leaned forward and came closer to her. He suddenly laughed, "how can I catch him? It was him who wanted to die here. As his good friend, how can I not give him the chance?"

Glared like a needle awn, Polly was scared all over, "what, what are you going to do to him?"

Polly knew that she shouldn't ask this question urgently, which would make Simon be more pleased, for he seemed to like to see people feel frightened for him.

He could get pleasure from the fear of others!

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