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   Chapter 155 Be The Ridiculous Third Party

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10100

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It was too late when she realized it. She pounced on him and tried to open the door with all her strength, but it was locked.

"Hey! Open the door, let me out! You bastard! Open the door! "

The only response she got was the cold and decisive footsteps.

The emotion in her heart was so strong that she couldn't control it. Although she knew that the man would not pay attention to her, she still could not help knocking on the door. She violently pounded on the door to vent all her emotions to the door that blocked her and the world outside. Finally, she stopped knocking. She leaned against the door and slowly sat down.

She was wrong from the very beginning. Why didn't she realize this earlier? Now she could do nothing but watch him destroy it step by step.

Her heart ached as if it had been pricked by a needle.

Their love came to an end at the beginning of darkness. Her world was engulfed in deathly stillness.

Being surrounded by a group of people, Jean didn't seem to be kidnapped. Instead, she was like a princess surrounded by a bunch of people and walked outside. She looked back at the direction of Bruce as she screamed. However, her voice was so weak that it was drowned in the loud music all of a sudden.

After she was taken out, the men who guarded the door left with her. The men who had been fighting with Bruce and the others retreated immediately as if they had received an order.

So many people came and went in a hurry in such a short time. Their action finally attracted the attention of the crowd. Those who were dancing gradually stopped and looked at them in surprise.

"What happened?" A woman whispered to her fellow, "where did these people come from?"

"Who knows! Didn't they come here just now? "

"It's just because that they came over a moment ago, but now they leave. It makes me feel strange! Do you see that Bruce, the boss of the BA group, led a group of people following behind. I saw his date was taken away just now. Do you think it was some rich lady who was running away from home instead of Jean? She had a crush on Bruce secretly, but her family members couldn't allow her to have a crush on him for various reasons. Therefore, she left home quietly and attended the masquerade. No, maybe it's Bruce who held the ball for her! "

The woman became more agitated as she said, "two lovers trysted at the ball, whispering intimately with each other and settling down for marriage. While they were making their oath, the family of the rich lady got the news and rushed over, taking her away by force! Do I make sense? "

"Maybe you are right. But the female companion of Bruce is indeed Jean, not anyone else!"

The woman was a little disappointed. "It seems so! But no matter what, I feel that this is unusual! "

As soon as those people disappeared at the door, she said to Owen, "let's go, too."

In fact, she wanted to follow them out and have a look.

"No, wait! Come here! " Then he dragged her to the window and said, "we can l

ve any idea?" It might be too late to go downstairs now.

"Yes, I have an idea." The smile on his face was somewhat forced. "Later, I will let you see clearly, and you will know every word they say from beginning to end."

"How can I see it?" Perplexed, Polly looked at him. Her brain was in a total mess, and she couldn't imagine how he could make the next scene come around again.

"Dear Polly, look at you. You are nervous and smart, but your IQ is zero for a man. But it doesn't matter if you can't figure it out. Just trust me and take my words seriously. "

It was true that Polly trusted him. But at this critical moment, a simple believe could not completely dispel her anxiety.

She didn't want to wait and wanted to know what had happened.

About ten minutes later, the car downstairs was rolled up. The sound of engine engine indistinctly came through and the car was about to leave. He tried to step forward, but was stopped by the sunglasses men.

He watched the car driving away. His body couldn't help but shake a few times. Fortunately, Jake rushed in time and steadied him.

Polly had never seen that Bruce was so vulnerable, weak and painful.

"Yes, Dear Polly." Owen put the phone in his hand and said, "now you can look at it and you will understand after you take a look."

Her eyes fell on the screen, and she looked at him in disbelief.

Owen explained, "my secretary was in the shadow. I asked her to record it with her phone if she wanted to know something."

Her trembling finger hung over the play key, and she was extremely hesitant. On one hand, she really wanted to know what Bruce had said to the man, on the other hand, she was afraid to hear something that she couldn't accept.

"Dear Polly, if you are afraid, don't look anymore." Owen reached out his hand to him and said, "give it to me. If you actually know it, why do you have to let yourself down again?"

"How do you know that I'm sad?" Polly sobbed

"That's how you feel now, just like me."

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