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   Chapter 148 . I Showed My Strength To Her! Don't Make Trouble!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10284

Updated: 2020-02-26 00:02

"I'm not fooled by her! I just came here to have a look! " "I just want to make sure that if he really has something to do with those stars, I will consider breaking up with him."

"I won't cheat on you! Tonight, whether you are used by someone or you decide to break up with Bruce, it's Jean who benefited from this! "

"What do you think I should do? Avril, you are so strange today! "

"What's so strange about me! 'Dear Polly, no matter what you want to do, you should make the conclusion after careful consideration under the condition of calm and rational!'! Why should you follow others' order! She is nothing but a bitch! "

Avril was very agitated. She didn't have a good suggestion, but she really shouldn't have come to this place tonight.

"If you want to know how did Bruce contact those actresses, we can go back and think about it carefully. This is not a place for you! If you insist on just coming here to have a look, what if you can't suppress your anger later? I don't agree with you doing this meaningless thing. The best thing now is to go with me! "

When Avril was about to leave with Polly, the voice of the people in the hall suddenly became low and soon quiet. They were all faced in the same direction, with several scorching sights toward the door.

Such a sign indicated the appearance of an important figure and becoming the focus of the whole party. It was the same feeling as that with Bruce at the banquet last time.

She looked at the other girls too. No matter how loudly Avril screamed, she just stood there.

They were in a black suit, white skin and slender figure. Although under the black angel mask, only her sexy thin lips were shown, she still recognized at a glance. The man who was walking in was Bruce and his partner.

His steady and powerful footsteps seemed to step on her heart. For some reason, her heartbeat suddenly disordered. She saw the woman who was cuddling beside Bruce like a little bird, tall, sexy and stunning.

It was not Linda Du, the new singer. It was Jean Fang.

It turned out that the reason why she asked her to come here today was to watch the drama between she and Bruce.

"It seems that the rumor is true. BA and the Phoenix group are going to be married." A girl wearing a peacock mask whispered to her companion, "the two are a perfect match, both in family background and in appearance!"

The female companion who was standing beside her and wearing the Kenneth mask answered, "that miss from the Fang clan was really something. She had learned dancing since she was a child, and she could suffer so much. Although she was still a junior student, she was already a little famous in the dancing industry. If I were you, I would be beaten to death! "

The princess sighed: "so, people are destined to marry the man at the top, while you just can't do anything!"

"I don't know what to do. It's all because I can't go through all these!" Kenneth didn't mind it at all. "But didn't Mr. He have an affair with A University girl before? They made such a big move at that tim

wept across her tender hands, and her heart couldn't help but beat fast.

Many years ago, she had dreamed that one day she would become a pavilion girl, snuggling in his arms, and following his rhythm, walking happily into the dance steps.

But she didn't expect that when the day came, she would still be that person, but that was not her wish at all. He wore a simple white shirt and a half silver mask, which made him look elegant and mysterious. His thin lips curved slightly, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It made her doubt that under the mask was the face of the person she was familiar with.

"Dear Polly, what are you thinking about?" "Be careful. Don't bump into anyone," Owen said gently

He exerted some strength to his hand and pulled her to the side. Then she quickly turned, and from the corner of her eye, she saw a pair of flying figures. The other woman's raised half was clean and smooth, and the white skirt was like snow, gently touching the back of her hand.

If they had known that, they would have met with Bruce and Jean!

There were already several steps of between them, but the eyes of the angel were still on her, complicated and unpredictable, as if she had found it.

She knew exactly what she was wearing today, including her clothes and her mask. Besides, she was deliberately keeping an eye on her. How could she not notice?

Then, where is Bruce? Did he notice?

'even if he finds it, he can pretend not to see it.'. He had protected her so carefully as if she would rush up like a shrew

She was too excited to think about it.

"Dear Polly, focus on the road. You almost stepped on my foot." "In fact, it doesn't matter if you step on me. But as my date, you have been staring at other people all the time, which is very strange!"

Polly breathed a sigh of relief and looked away from Bruce and Jean. She also noticed that she was fixing her eyes on them so intensely that they would arouse Bruce's suspicion.

As she thought of this, Bruce looked towards her.

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