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   Chapter 144 Are You Jealous

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9407

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It was not until Owen left that Polly got on the car.

"Why are you here? Where is Jean? "

"She's already home." Bruce considerately fastened the safety belt for her and asked, "Dear Polly, are you jealous?"

"I'm not jealous of you! I just saw that Jean stumbled to the car and then bumped into your car. Nothing happened to her, right. At this moment, what you should do most is not to accompany her and comfort her. How could you have time to come to me? "

"I think Dear Polly at this time needs comfort."

"Who needs your comfort? I'm not drunk! I... "

A sudden scream of brake from the front interrupted her words. Somehow, Owen pulled over the car.

"What happened? Go and have a look! " When Bruce sped up and drove about 100 meters away, Owen's car revved. His speed was as fast as an arrow and disappeared from their eyes.

"It seems everything is all right again!" He was relieved and slowed down the car.

However, Polly was a little worried, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Owen's number.

"Hey, what were you doing just now? Are you okay? " Her tone was full of anxiety.

"Nothing." "I was so wrong. I thought I ran into a cat. There are too many trees on the road, and the wind blows around, so we can't see clearly. "

"Okay, be careful!"

"I know. Thank you. "

Sensing the kind of natural and kind concern in Polly's tone, Bruce unconsciously tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"You're an adult. Don't be so careless!" Polly complained while putting her phone into her bag.

Seeing that her eyes were still fixed on Owen's car in front of them, Brian turned his face to one side and seriously suggested, "Dear Polly, if you're still worried, we'll follow him all the way home. We'll go back to your dormitory after making sure that he's home. What do you think?"

That brought Polly back to earth. She combed her hair subconsciously, "no, thanks."

If she did, that would be the biggest irony to him. What did she take him for? Was he a three-year-old kid?

She was a little angry with Bruce, and she was even more angry when she saw him sitting beside her happily. Why could the man stay here indifferently, while Owen Su could only leave desolately.

He treated her differently. Even though they could not be a couple, he was her brother, friend, and even the one who brought her up. He would never forget how kind he had been to her.

The more she looked at it, the angrier she became. But she could not show it, so she simply turned her face away from Bruce.

As if he didn't notice anything, Bruce lightly leaned against her hand with his palm and asked in an affable tone, "do you feel sleepy, Dear Polly? If you feel sleepy, you can sleep in the car for a while. I will wake you up when we arrive. "

"I'm not sleepy!" Sh

t's not that I don't want to tell you. Please trust me. I will never do anything that is against Dear Polly. " Avril's voice was trembling. She couldn't suppress her emotion.

"I know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have walked in this place alone at this time. Since you are determined to Dear Polly, I should have saved you tonight. " "Where are you going now? Dorm or somewhere else? "

"Will Polly go back to dormitory tonight? If she comes back, I won't come back! I want to find a place to be quiet for a while! "

"Does miss an have a ID card?"

"ID card? Gosh! My bag is still here... " But they were not at here, including ID cards, wallet and cellphones. It's impossible to live in a hotel.

"Could you please drive me back to my dormitory?" Avril sighed. It was too late. When she got back, she would fall asleep.

In the end, Avril didn't go back to her dormitory. Instead, Owen drove her to a hotel belonging to the Su group.

Seeing that, Avril became more and more grateful to him. She was just Polly' friend and she didn't know him well enough. How could he treat her so tenderly and considerately. What about Dear Polly?

What the hell had she done! So, she deserved to be punished now!

But Bruce was also nice to Dear Polly. These two men were really hard to choose!

After the shower, she rubbed her hair with a towel casually. Before she wiped her hair twice, she fell all over the soft big bed. It had been a long day. She was exhausted and afraid. She couldn't bear it anymore.

All she wanted now was a good rest. She had nothing to do or think about.

Suddenly, she heard some light footsteps. At first, she thought it was an illusion, but as the sound got closer and closer, she felt that her scalp was about to explode.

The man had already walked to the bedside. She was so nervous that her heart was beating uncontrollably.

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