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   Chapter 143 Unspeakable Tacit Understanding

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Then, he let go of her and raised her face to face.

"Dear Polly, if you trust me, just ask and I'll answer your questions. But if you still have some doubts about me, it is useless for you to ask. Tell me now. Do you believe me? "

As expected, he didn't get an answer. Instead, he smiled bitterly and said, "okay. If you don't tell me, then I can only tell you that I'm the one you can trust!"

"You don't have to believe all the news on the Internet, and you should believe it as well. You just need to know one thing. I don't care what kind of person Jared is. He's good to you, your mother and your sister. "

Polly' heart sank dramatically. From his words, she could tell that her father

But now, she didn't have time to care about it!

"Then why does he pretend to be a mental patient? Now that he escaped from the hospital, will he just leave his mother and sister alone? " That was what she was most concerned about. In order to cure her sister, her mother had worked hard all her life. If things kept going on like this, her body would certainly collapse.

"He has difficulties in pretending to be ill and running away. He should be looking for his mother and sister. " "Don't worry too much, Dear Polly. It's not as bad as you think," Owen comforted her

"You said that my father went to see my mother. Is that true?" said Polly in disbelief

"I'm not sure yet. I'll tell you in a few days."

"You have been secretly watching him all the time! Or you have been paying close attention to him all the time! " Polly's tone suddenly became a little sharp. She sneered and continued, "but I don't think you did that because you care about him!"

If he really cared about his father, he would have helped him a long time ago if he wanted. But now, when his father had an accident, it had been widely discussed on the Internet at that time. He didn't get along well with his father, and perhaps he was happy to see his father become like this.

"Dear Polly, am I such a person in your eyes?" Those blue light spots wandering in the grass could be seen in Owen's lonely eyes. "In your eyes, I'm gloating over your misfortune!"

The rising blue light reflected on his handsome face. The dark cold tone made him look even more gaunt.

Polly's heart seemed to be blocked by something. She bit her lips and avoided his eyes.

"We haven't seen each other for only five years, but you've already forgotten me completely!" "It doesn't matter. I don't mind! Do you know the fact that I'm your brother will never change? "

"But I do mind!" "I'm married now."

She had thought about it. It would be unfair to him if he didn't know the truth. It took her a lot of courage to utter these words.

Owen still had the perfect smile on his face, but his heart was strained, as if it had been stabbed by countless fine needles. He said, "Dear Polly, this joke is not funny at all!"

At this moment, his

ies' light flying in the air and became more cold. Even if the fireflies could come to her from another season and fulfill the promise she made during the years. Unfortunately, love is just a kind of feeling at that time. The inappropriate confession of love will ultimately be like those shining points, and will gradually be dim.

"Anyway, you are going to go with us. Why don't you go with us now?" With a smile on his lips, Bruce turned to Polly, "Hey! Let me drop by after I send you home. If he is still there, I will go back with him. What do you think? "

"I said no!" He took out his phone and called his flashlight, "I'm leaving now! The road here is a little difficult. You'd better leave here and follow me. "

After saying that, he walked ahead.

Bruce was quick to react and ruthless enough. He had wanted to stay away from her and worry about him, but Bruce immediately responded.

He failed in this confrontation.

He knew his words didn't mean anything. Bruce would take good care of her. No matter what he can do, Bruce can do it as well.

Therefore, it was natural for her lived with Bruce.

The light of the flashed by flashed a torch at Owen, his tall thin figure magnified along a green path. In this quiet night, he looked extremely lonely.

Watching his receding figure, Polly felt her heart ached. She struggled to get rid of his hand and ran to him, but her wrist was grasped tightly.

"Dear Polly! Watch out!" Bruce held her tightly in his arms, and his voice was strained with a little bit of blame. "This is not the track in your school. It's not so flat. Let's walk slowly."

She suddenly remembered that she didn't want to see this man? But why didn't she want to refuse him when he offered to drive her back to her dormitory?

She didn't know why she would think that it was a natural thing for him to stay with her at this time.

Probably, things would be different after getting married.

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