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   Chapter 142 Don't Get Close To Her So Easily

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10153

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Polly's chest heaved sharply. She was glad that the car stopped under the tree and the street light couldn't come in, or the fragility on her face would fall into the eyes of this man.

But soon, he switched on the light.

The sudden light was a bit uncomfortable for her who had been in the darkness for a long time, so she reflexively blinked her eyes.

"Dear Polly, why don't you open your eyes and look at me? I'm right in front of you. Are you trying to avoid me? " Owen's face got closer to her. In his misty eyes, there was only her red and tender lips left.

"Dear Polly!" He lowered his head, and their lips were only one centimeter apart.

Looking into his eyes with strong desire and feeling the danger in his hoarse and obscure voice, her heart beat violently. In the dead of night, it was dull in the car. By this moment, she heard their slight gasps.

Although he hadn't taken any action yet, her instinct as a woman told her what he wanted to do. She wanted to refuse, but she didn't know how to avoid hurting him. The few times they had met before were in a safe distance, but it was the first time that they had been so close to zero distance.

It was impossible for her to be heartless to a man she loved so much. She could only secretly take her body back and try to be as far away from him. Fortunately, he did not forcefully bind her like just now.

However, very soon, her back was pressed against the back of the seat, and she could no longer hide.

The air seemed to be frozen, and the two of them were like a model in the vacuum state. They stood still and looked at each other.

"Haha..." Then he gently tucked her hair behind her ear, and said, "your hair is so troublesome." After saying that, he smiled and sat back.

He clenched his fists, his long-awaited sweetness almost destroyed his reason at this moment. It was a scene that often appeared in his dream for many years. Every time he was about to make contact with her, the person in his heart would disappear with the wind.

The real person was in front of him this time, but he doubted that it was still a dream.

He knew, if you don't want to wake up so soon, don't get close easily.

"Get off the car. I'll take you to the place where you're going!" Owen got out of the car and went to the passenger seat to help Polly open the door.

She was sort of looking forward to the place, but she would turn it down in normal times. No matter how romantic the past was, it was now a thing of the past. It could only be buried deeply in her heart.

He came back too late, and those beautiful memories could not become their common memories.

But now she had readily agreed. He could do anything as he liked but could not stay in the airtight space with him.

Black fields emitted fresh fragrance, and Polly followed him. Because she couldn't see anything, she took out her cellphone and lit it with flashlight. The two sides of the farmland were full of all kinds of wild herbs and flowers, occupying most of the

d before he could fulfill his promise.

She packed the painting, along with all the things related to him, and hid it under the bed in the bedroom. The past together with his memory has confused the heavy dust of the past.

"It doesn't matter if you forget about it. But Dear Polly, I will help you restore those memories!"

Owen's grip on her wrist became tighter. When he felt the coldness from her hands, he asked with a frown, "Why are your hands so cold? And he was sweating profusely! Are you nervous? "

He naturally withdrew his hand and took out his handkerchief to help her wipe the cold sweat on her hand. He comforted her with a tone of consolation, "Dear Polly, don't be afraid! No matter what happens in the future, I will always be by your side! "

Holding her in his arms, she felt so entangled in her thoughts. After a mix of feelings, she had an impulse to cry.


She had thought of this word for a long time, but in the end, she didn't say it out. She was like a bottle of wine buried under the ground, which might never be opened.

"I want to ask you, is my father, Jared Zhou really a bad guy?" "What do you want to say?".

If so, what should her mother and sister do?

After a short silence, Owen replied, "it depends."

"Then is it true that the news on the Internet some time ago said that my father fled with money?" Originally, she had no doubt of her father. However, after seeing with her own eyes that her father was not a psychiatric patient, her trust for many years collapsed all over a night.

"Well, didn't he tell you? Or you don't trust him? "

She used to take that man as her only warmth and only support, but unfortunately the fact always disappoints her.

Owen reached out and stroked her cheek softly, smiling, "you're still like a kid. It's easy to believe a person, and easy to deny a person completely, just like what you did to me! "

"Well, Dear Polly. If I tell you, will you believe me?"

Hearing that, Polly was stunned for a while.

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