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   Chapter 140 Who Will She Go With, Me Or Owen

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10003

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She carried the plate and walked inside. As she disappeared from his sight, he turned around and stopped smiling. He took out a cigarette and was about to light it when he frowned slightly. "Jake, didn't you leave? Why do you come back again? "

"I came back to tell you something!" Jake looked around and pointed to the direction of the parking lot. "I just saw Owen's car parked there. But now, it seemed not to be the case. I guess he left voluntarily when he saw you here. "

He took the cigarette and knocked on the cigarette box, then he said in disdain, "do you think that Owen would be that kind of man who would take the initiative to go?"

Jake looked around and said, "you mean he hasn't left yet and is hiding somewhere?"

"Jake, although our boss doesn't like people who are smarter than you, it's still too obvious that you are pretending." As he reached out his hand to pull the door, he said, "do you think I'm still a little kid in your kindergarten?"

"Mr. He, what are you talking about! How could I treat you as a child... " Jake rushed forward, but the car door had been closed by Bruce.

He stepped back quickly to make way for the car.

Instead of driving the car immediately, Bruce lowered the window and said, "why do you leave so far? I'm not leaving! I have a question for you, Jake. "

"What question?" Jake assumed that something bad would happen, but he had no choice but to come forward.

"If only I and Owen appeared in front of Dear Polly at the same time, who would she go with?"

"Of course she go with you!" Jake replied without hesitation. This was a question that should never have any space for thinking.

"Very good! If she don't go back with me tonight, I'll go to find you! "

"Mr. He, what can I do for you?" Jake asked, sweating profusely He just said something that the boss liked to hear.

"What do you think?" Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of his mouth. He said, "all right. You can leave now!"

"Mr. He, i..." He wanted to say that he was just a trivial assistant, which was not suitable for the family affairs between the CEO and his wife.

"Stop it! The only thing I want to know is how do you feel if I leave and the task of taking Dear Polly and returning home is left to you? "

Jake fell silent. Then he turned around and left.

With the tray in her hands, Ellen quickly caught up with Polly who was walking in front of her, "Dear Polly, if you tell me that you went out to see your boyfriend just now, I will not call you and urge you to come back! Now I'm a sinner! "

"Stop talking nonsense! It's working hours. Don't you ask him? " In case that Ellen would ask more questions, she shifted the subject. "Ellen, you said that you don't have time alone, how could you come here alone? Alina is here tonight! "

"Yes, she is here. But did you see her?"

"I saw it at the beginning, but it seems to disappear in a twinkling of an eye." Polly looked around and asked mysteriously, "where

it over and pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Mr. Su!" A sweet female voice came through from the other end of the line. "Jared has left A City. As you requested, I have changed his identity, phone number and so on. From now on, he has completely disappeared. "

Owen held his phone in his hand and remained silent for a long time.

"Mr. Su, are you there?"

Owen looked up, with the full moon in the clear night sky in his eyes. Slowly, a tall man appeared under the moon with a weak boy's hand. Then, they walked out of the obsolete courtyard. To the boy's surprise, they walked towards a brand new Audi.

Many years ago, he suddenly appeared like a God from the heaven and rescued him from the hell like a orphanage.

He was once very grateful that Jared would be able to choose him from so many children. He spared no efforts on his study, and kept the title of "a top student" from primary school to high school. His only purpose was to prove himself and let that man know that his choice was absolutely correct.

Unfortunately, things were not like what he thought. In the end

"Mr. Su! What's wrong? Did you hear me? " Judith's voice sounded worried and anxious.

Restraining his deep emotion, Owen replied indifferently, "yes. Judith, you've done a good job, straightforward and efficient! Tell me, what reward do you want? "

"No, thanks, Mr. Su! It's my own business. You don't have to thank me! "

"No need to thank me! Judith, you should know that I'm a person of distinct principles in terms of rewards and punishments! How about this? I can give you a week's leave. You can go anywhere you want to go and have fun. After you come back, I will reimburse you for all the expenses! "

"Mr. Su, you don't have to I... I just want to be with you. That's enough. " Judith thought for a while and continued, "Owen, we were classmates. You don't have to be so polite to me."

"Because you were one of my classmates, I had to take care of you! That's it then! "

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