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   Chapter 138 Single-minded Affectionate Second Male Master

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9868

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Putting down the glass, she sneered and asked, "Why are you here? Do you think I'm ridiculous now and come to laugh at me? "

"Why would I laugh at you? Besides, it's my laugh to laugh at you. Why should I laugh at you?" With her eyebrows slightly knitted, Rachel carefully walked around the scattered dishes on the ground in a pair of exquisite crystal high-heeled shoes.

She was about to walk over to Jean when she suddenly changed her mind. She turned around and opened the door.

"Excuse me, sir. Please come in and clean up the floor."

After the mess on the ground was cleared up, Rachel told the waiters not to ask them to come in and not to disturb them. Seeing the waiter's ambiguous eyes, she sneered in her heart.

Just as she expected, the whole society was dirty.

"Rachel, how do you know I am here?"

"How do you think I know? I'm not God. Can you recognize me? "

"Are you following me? Or are you following Bruce? " The look on Jean's face suddenly turned cold. "Rachel Du, don't think that I don't know what you are thinking!"

"Jean, what are you talking about! Why did I follow him? He just called me and said you were here. He was afraid that you would feel bored having dinner alone, so he asked me to accompany you! "


"Of course it's true! If you don't believe me, you can call to confirm it! He cares about you, Jean! He always cares about you! "

After hearing this, Jean's happy face suddenly became cold, "if he cares about me, will he leave me alone here? It seems that I can't afford the meal. Do you think I like his meal? "

She took up the chopsticks and knocked hard on the table, "tell me, where is he now? Did he go to find that bitch? "

Rachel Du stood up, quickly holding her chopsticks, and said seriously, "Jean, calm down. Think about it. No matter whom he goes to look for, he still looks after you first. He didn't allow you to get away with it! So far, you have the same status in his heart with Polly! "

She cast a sharp glance at her, and she continued, "Jean, I know that Mr. Han has nothing to do with you! But you have to accept the reality. She has a place in Bruce's heart! You don't understand, but Polly does! She is clearly not as good as you, but she has been able to seize brain for such a long time. It's because she's good at taking advantage of this! "

With her hands trembling violently, Jean pounded on the table and stood up. She yelled at Rachel like a shrew, "you mean you want me to take advantage of Bruce, just like that bitch!"

"No! You don't have to learn from her. Just let her learn from you! But unfortunately, she could not learn! But there is one thing you should be careful. You can't give up this good opportunity you can make use of! If you want to win Bruce's heart, you must know what he is thinking. Bruce had never experienced any failure in his life, and so did he when it came to love. You have a relationship with Polly. H

Bruce but his car. She thought that he would leave soon because he couldn't wait any longer. As a result, his car was still parked there.

She had no choice but to take out her cell phone.

The phone rang for five or six times but the line was busy. When she called eight times, the other party's phone was directly turned off. It was estimated that it was power off.

She was a little angry and asked Ellen to help her take care of her for a while. Then she pushed open the door of the coffee shop aggressively and rushed out.

What the hell was this man doing!

She ran to his car and was about to slap the door when she suddenly heard his voice coming from the back of the car. Instead of getting in the car, he turned to another direction.

"Why are you here?" Bruce asked flatly.

"Isn't your phone dead?" "I'm coming to give you the power bank." Jake said.

"Stop teasing me! Let's continue our conversation. "

"Owen Su was adopted by Jared Zhou in the orphanage. The kindness of raising him is very important. He rejected the request of the Su family, intending to stay in the Zhou family. The Su family resolutely disagreed. It had caused a sensation then, but the news on the Internet had been suppressed almost as soon as it appeared! Then, he went abroad. Those who knew about it had already forgotten. It doesn't make any sense even if they can remember it. It's not worth talking about it anymore. "

When she heard the words "Owen", she was suddenly enraged as if the anger in December was extinguished in an instant. In order not to be found by the two men, she squatted down and leaned against the door of the car.

Jake spoke in a low voice, so she couldn't hear him clearly. She held her breath and moved her body to the back of the car carefully step by step.

"Mr. boss, do you know why Owen went abroad that year? You must haven't expected that, neither did I. The real reason is that Owen has taken revenge on Jared "

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