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   Chapter 135 He Was So Confident

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In the boss's office of the BA group, Bruce was standing in front of the glass wall, a half burned cigarette between his slender and fair fingers. His deep eyes gazed at the tall buildings nearby that had different views.

Standing behind him, Jake was confused about boss's attitude. He had just reported to the boss that Jean had forced Polly to leave him. But the boss hadn't made any comments yet. He had been standing against the glass wall silently, smoking without a word.

About ten minutes later, he couldn't wait any longer.

"Mr. He, how about Mrs. Han?"

"No need!" As he looked back at Jake, the cigarette gave a faint orange arc in the air and then fell into the trash can.

"What did she say?"

"Mrs. Han, she hasn't agreed to come here yet."

"What do you mean by 'temporary'?" This led to great disapproval from Bruce, "Jake, do you think Polly is so weak? She won't agree. "

Jake almost blurted out, "how did you know? I don't know why you are so confident.". If it was someone else, such as Abbe and Aaron, who were outstanding in the eyes of others, but was dwarfed in the eyes of boss. But this time, he had to fight against Owen.

The Su group's boss who is as outstanding as the He CEO and has a mysterious rating of five stars!

At present, his biggest advantage was that he had to take action first to gain the upper hand. He had got the marriage certificate with Polly and married her. However, their marriage had not been made public yet. Since they could get married secretly, they could get divorced secretly. That was not difficult at all.

"Jake, what are you thinking about?"

Cold sweat dripped down Jake's forehead. He was too guilty to wipe it off and straightened his body. "I wasn't making blind and disorderly conjectures. As boss personal assistant, I was imagining what I could do to help boss solve the problem."

The corners of his lips curled into a smile, but the light in his eyes became dimmer. "Forget it, Jake! Even though you are very smart, sometimes you have a huge brain hole! This is your most deadly weakness. Try your best to correct it in the future! "

"Keep an eye on Mrs. Han. Report anything to me."

"Mr. boss, if you and Miss Fang were in conflict, who should I care?"

"What do you think?" Bruce helped Jake take off his tie and put it in his hand. "As my personal assistant, you can handle this."

Jake looked at the tie in his hand. The light purple was covered with water textures of the same color, fresh and low-key. He was very confused about the purpose of the CEO to do this.

"This color is not suitable for you. Go back and change another one." He said indifferently. Then he turned back to his desk and sat down, continuing to work.

Jake was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. This tie was the new low-key and luxury style of the de

o go out now. "

The relationship between him and Dear Polly was not about explanation. Most importantly, even if he explained, she was not necessarily willing to listen to him at this time. She didn't have a strong sense of trust in him, and she believed that Dear Polly would not trust him any more after this thing happened.

The only thing he wanted to do now was to see Dear Polly as soon as possible.

Fifteen minutes later, Bruce pulled over the car on the road. He hadn't expected that Owen would come here before him. He was talking to Polly. Both of them were so agitated that the little girl seemed to have shed tears.

Standing beside them, Avril and Hal looked equally sad.

His temples throbbed abruptly, and his abdomen seemed to be filled with a force of air, slamming hard against his chest. There seemed to be something in his chest that had been torn apart, and broken to suffocate. He bore the pain and ran to the car without thinking.


Hearing his voice, Owen, who was standing beside Polly, turned around to look at him.

They looked away and continued their conversation.

But they ignored each other and looked at each other. No matter how broken the sky was, they just see each other. This scene deeply stung Bruce's heart, making him too painful to feel his own breath.

The scene many years ago reappeared in front of him.

When he was eighteen years old, he just got the driver's license. After he got the news from rose, he immediately drove the car to meet Polly excitedly. On the path in front of her house, he saw Polly walk side by side with a handsome boy, carrying her schoolbag. She smiled naughtily at the boy, acting like a spoiled child. The happy smile returned to the boy, with only one deep pampering expression.

Just like now, he couldn't take any steps towards her own happiness. He couldn't watch others' happiness.

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