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   Chapter 133 I Want You To Leave Bruce!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9947

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Clenching the phone with her five fingers, Polly was so anxious that a layer of cold sweat came out from her palm. She held her breath and listened to a syllable nervously.

Rachel's voice was quick and anxious, "quiet misery, I got this news by accident. I tell you, don't be worried! Is your father in the Clock Mountain psychiatric hospital? He's missing! "

"How could he disappear? How did you know that? "

"I heard it from manager Zhou on the phone just now. I can't make sure. You'd better call the psychiatric hospital first! It would be good if I misheard her, but if not, what should I do? You must make it clear! "

"I see. Thank you, Rachel." She was eager to hang up the phone and call the psychiatric hospital to get the news.

"Dear Polly, please wait a moment!" Afraid that she might hang up the phone, Rachel raised her voice, "don't blame Bruce for not telling you the news as soon as possible. He must be afraid of you! I don't want you to cause unnecessary misunderstandings! "

She had no time to argue with him now and said casually, "Okay, I know! But, sorry, I have to hang up! "

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Rachel laughed gloatingly. Her ferocious smile was reflected from the glass window on the opposite. "Huh, you are not in the mood to argue with him now, but I will let you do that next time!"!

"Dear Polly, what did Rachel just say to you? Why do you look so bad? " She looked at her with concern and said, "if she is reporting to you which woman has an intimate relationship with Bruce, I think you don't need to care too much about that."

"No, Avril." As she dialed the number of the mental hospital, she said, "she said my father was missing. I have to call her to make sure."

"Isn't your father in the hospital? Why is he missing? "

"I don't know."

The call from the psychiatric hospital was connected, but she got the news that Jared had been in the hospital the whole time and he didn't go anywhere. She was confused, because Rachel would never lie to her. Besides, there was no need to cheat her.

She wanted to find Bruce and ask him what had happened, but when she called him, it meant that Rachel was exposed. What the hell was going on with Brian? If her father was really missing, how could he hide it from her?

"How about?" Avril couldn't tell it was the result of this matter from the expression on Polly's face.

"The hospital said my father was still there, but..."

"But you still believe what Rachel said, don't you? Dear Polly. If you're still worried, I can take you to the hospital! See for yourself! "

"Avril, I can handle myself. You don't have to bother."

"Who are we talking to? It's not troublesome!" As she spoke, she took out her phone. "I'll call Hal, too. He has a car, and it's convenient for him!"

After making contact with Hal, Polly Han and Avril an walked towards the school gate together. When they went downstairs, two of them were stopped by a group of

ny and plump lips with light pink lipstick almost covered the whole sight of her.

"I can pay as much money as you want! Tell me, and I'll transfer the money to your bank account right away! I know your family is in difficulty now. Your father is in a psychiatric hospital and your sister needs a lot of money to go abroad for treatment. You are here by Bruce's side. Do you dare to say it's because you love him? You are just after his money! You don't have to worry about it. I can give you enough money to cover your expenses! "

Jean quickly pressed the buttons on the phone screen, "tell me your bank account. How much money do you want? I can transfer it to you right now! I will not only give you the money you want, I will also give you a lot more. You will return all the money you owe to Brian to him. From now on, you two will not owe each other! As long as you promise me one thing, never show up in front of him! "

Polly looked at her coldly. Only a spoiled lady like her would be so self righteous.

But she was still worried. If the video was exposed to the public, not only Bruce but also Owen would be involved. She dared not to think, nor was she willing to think. The suffocating dark past would be exposed in the eyes of everyone.

Those wounds hidden in the bottom of one's heart would be unseen together with the past, and blood would flow again.

"You don't want him to leave, huh?" After waiting for a long time, there was no response from Polly. She couldn't bear it any more and said, "I have made myself clear to you! She thought that people should live in a realistic way in their lives. They could get whatever belonged to them and could never get what they didn't want! It's impossible for you and Bruce to be together. Stop dreaming about it! Take my money and do as you like. "

"You are a smart man. You should have figured it out very soon. Do you want to lose both your wealth and your life, or do you want to accept my compensation? "

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