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   Chapter 132 It's Not Your Turn To Feel Sorry For Her!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10136

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Bruce was speechless. He slightly raised his head and stared at her with his deep eyes.

"Why don't you answer me?" Bruce's mother asked urgently, "are you still thinking about Polly? Let me tell you again. It's impossible for our he clan to accept a woman like that! You can't use it to lose face. "

"Mom, are you really just afraid that I will be disgraced?" After a long silence, he asked, "have you ever thought about my feelings in this matter?"

Mrs. he's heart sank at Brian's words. Once again, she alienated her son from her mother. In a shaky voice, she said, "Bruce, don't forget that you are the CEO of the BA International Group!"

"Of course I can't forget! But if grandpa told me that I couldn't be with the woman I like, I would never agree! "

"What do you mean? You don't even want to be the boss because of that woman? "

"What if I say yes? Mother, are you disappointed? "

Bruce's mother found that her son, who had always been obedient to her, could control his emotions no matter how hard he tried to control himself. His son, who seldom showed his emotions on his face. why he lose his sense because of a woman. He looked at her coldly and talked to her in such an unreasonable tone, so she was angry and anxious.

"You can't make that decision! I've discussed with your grandpa and father. We think Jean is the right one for you! It doesn't matter whether you agree or not. Anyway, you have to make a marriage. "

"Mom, please don't push me." "I will never agree with it! I will handle the video incident. Please trust in your son and I will handle it in a proper way. "

Then he walked forward.

Ten minutes ago.

When they were waiting for the elevator, Owen asked, "Bruce, how's my grandpa now?"


At this moment, the door of the elevator opened and two people came out. When Bruce was about to enter the room, Owen quickly took a step forward and blocked him. He frowned with displeasure and turned his head to ask, "what's wrong?"

It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry from his face. He said in a calm tone, "I have a question to ask you. I heard that the matter of your grandfather has something to do with Polly, and it was because she accidentally let my grandfather drink pineapple juice. Is it true? "

"I have never heard of it. Owen also likes to gossip."

"I have no choice. Now the Internet is full of various rumors about this matter, and the person who is being scolded is very unlucky. As her brother, I can't just stand by. I have to make it clear!"

As if the sky had turned stormy, Bruce asked coldly, "so you don't believe Polly?"

"Please don't change the topic! To put it bluntly, in this matter, whether I believe it or not doesn't matter. I can ignore it. Now I just want to ask you, how do you think of Polly? "

"I believe that she didn't mean to do that."

The smile on Owen's face faded, and a wall of cold white could be seen in his eyes. "Well, thank you for giving me such trust. You thought she didn't mean to do th

ne thing. After thinking for a while, he decided to call someone.

"Mr. He, I just got the news." He pretended to be panic when he heard that news. "I heard from the psychiatric hospital that Jared was missing," he reported

"When did you disappear?"

"Last night! But she called today! "

"Does Mrs. Han know about it?"

"She may not know yet!"

"Then find him back before Mrs. Han knows about it."

Jake was on the verge of crying. "Mr. He, this is too difficult!" Bad news travels fast. As a daughter, how could she not know that her father has lost such a big news?

"If it's not difficult, do you need an elite to deal with it? Hurry up! "

Being in a fret, Jake didn't notice that there was a pair of eyes staring at him from the corner behind.

Sitting beside the open window, Polly felt cool and comfortable in the early summer morning breeze. She looked at the poplar trees by the wall of the yard. Her black eyes seemed to be soaked in cold wind.

"Hello!" Avril threw the book on the desk out of habit and leaned her head to ask, "what are you looking at? Look, it's summer now. Why are you so sad? "

"Who is sad?" asked Polly as she swept her hair through which was a bit disheveled by the wind

"It's not sad. Why do you have so little for breakfast? Half an egg and a bowl of nutritious rice soup! Look at you, you are so thin. Have you ever thought about your future husband? "

"What does this have to do with my future husband?"

"No man dares to sleep with a skeleton like you? And reached out your hand in the middle of the night. Oh my God, it was so scary! "

"Look at you! How dare you scold me like this!"

"What did you say? Who is the firewood stick?"

The two girls giggled and laughed for a long time until Polly's phone rang.

Avril asked curiously, "who is on the phone? Bruce, or Owen? "

"Neither! It's Rachel! "

Polly answered the phone

After a while, her face suddenly turned pale. She asked in a trembling voice, "Rachel, what did you say?"

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