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   Chapter 131 I Am The One In Charge Of Your Wedding!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10037

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The atmosphere in the room was getting more and more oppressive.

The look on his face was expressionless. His eyes were as deep as the sea. After a while, a weak and withered sentence came out from his thin lips, "Polly, what do you mean?"

She had made it clear to him. He could do whatever he wanted. Why did he ask again? He was a boss. As a woman, her concession was satisfying enough?

All of a sudden, his phone rang. He stared at her for a long time, but she didn't say anything. He sneered and took out his phone. It was an MMS. He clicked it.

Suddenly, he tightened his fingers. His face became pale and breathless because of the lack of oxygen. He stared at the phone screen with his sexy thin lips tightly closed. After a while, he raised his head and sneered, "you don't have to answer. I know what it means!"

A strange feeling rose in her heart. She wondered what he saw on his phone. But no matter what happened, they could not go further.

"Do you know why there is someone in the world who hasn't changed at all even if they have been in love for more than ten years? Could you tell me why?" he asked, pointing at his chest with his slender and fair index finger? Even if he knows he will get hurt, he knows that he will not pay back, and he will even gamble everything he has. Why is he so persistent? "

Polly was stunned.

"Dear Polly, tell me now, have you ever cared about me a little bit since we met?"

What he cared about was, of course, what she cared about. But she couldn't say that.

Disappointment could be seen in his eyes, and he couldn't help revealing his weakness, "Dear Polly, am I not good enough for you?"

"You can rest assured. I will get what you want, but divorce is impossible. I don't want to hear this ever again! "

When Bruce's back was about to disappear from sight, Polly wanted to stop him. But at that moment, she controlled herself. She was thinking what to say if she wanted to stop him.

Tell him that she cared about him? In fact, many women cared about him, and she was not the last one.

It was obvious that he was sad. Was it because she didn't care about him at all? Or was it because he thought all his actions were worthless when he couldn't find a sense of existence? Or was it because he wanted to offset everything?

From afar, a sweet and fresh song was heard. The familiar voice made him frown. He pressed her bony hand against the door for a while before she pushed it open.

"Grandpa, are you tired? How about eating an apple first and I sing it later? " In the ward, Anne stood in front of Lord He, obediently patted his back.

Bruce's mother said with a smile, sitting on the sofa.

His footsteps alarmed the three people in the room, and they all turned to look at him.

"Mr. He, here you are." Anne seemed totally different in front of he family, polite and decent.

"Why are you here?" He looked at her coldly and said seriously, "I remember that I told you to go back!"

"Mr. He,

isagreed, "what do you mean by taking advantage of her! If you really like her, why bother? "

Then he smiled and said, "as you said, must like she." He really loved a person and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Of course he wouldn't care so much.

For example, Dear Polly. Back then, he didn't just take advantage of her!

So now, he got his retribution! Even if he had successfully seduced her to marry him, she would never fall in love with him.

He raised his head and looked out of the window. The sky in the city was always overcast. Even in the most sunny days, there was always a layer of dust in the blue color.

People on the street walked in a hurry, and they did not stop for a moment. The footprints, mixed with the signs of the wheels, were all blended into the road, leaving behind years of vicissitudes.

"After all, you still think that Polly is a good woman, don't you?" Bruce's mother picked up the phone and angrily knocked on her son's arm. "I didn't see any good side of her! Say beautiful is inferior to elegant Jean, character is inferior to Rachel, she is which point good? But now, no matter how good she was, he couldn't marry her! Bruce, you must break up with her! Then choose one between Jean and Rachel. "

"Mom, that's impossible! I told you... "

"Why is it impossible! Please don't talk nonsense with me about you two! Are you full now? I'm telling you, you are my son, no matter how powerful you are, and I'm the one who can decide your marriage! Rachel, if you don't like it, forget it! I've watched her grow up. I've known everything about her, including her character, appearance and how she treats you. "

"Jean and I are not meant for each other."

"What's wrong with it! She is bad tempered, but that's not for you! It's been a long time, especially after she become a mother. It's nature. "

"Don't say anything now. Tell the media that you are engaged to Jean! So even if this video is posted online, it won't be useful! "

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