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   Chapter 128 Why Do You Run Away As Soon As You See Me

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10002

Updated: 2020-02-21 00:24

Hal waved his hand in front of her eyes and reminded her, "Hey, hey, hey, what are you thinking?"

As soon as she came to herself, she saw Hal standing in front of her, embarrassed. "Didn't you just leave? When did you come back? "

Hal patted his forehead and sighed, "Damn it! It seems that you didn't hear a word of what I said just now. Forget it! Well, have a good rest. I have to go now. "

When Fanny and Kevin came to the ward aggressively and stirred up trouble, they didn't come across Polly who was walking with Avril on the road near the little garden of the hospital.

"Fanny, the door is locked. Let's go home," said Kevin.

How could Fanny be willing to listen to her? She said angrily, "no, I can't come here without doing anything!"

She shook off Kevin's hand and rushed out.

She had been in hospital for a week and was almost recovered. Now she could walk around as she liked.

She planned to go through the discharge formalities tomorrow.

Avril was nothing serious except for the swollen cheek. Just like before, she came to the hospital every day to accompany Polly for some time.

There was an shocking Internet incident these days. Those people who came to the hospital to make trouble were released soon, but none of them had a good end. They were either injured or disabled, and were disfigured.

Avril's boyfriend had something to do with the accident. But she didn't express her attitude on this matter, and she was not even interested in the news.

Which made her more suspicious. She wanted to ask Avril about her boyfriend for several times, but she was interrupted by Avril with other topics, just like now.

"I haven't seen Bruce these days."

Polly hadn't seen him for several days. Not only did she not see him, but he didn't even call her. She wondered what he was busy with. She visited Lord He in his ward when she got better. She was mocked by Jean coldly, and then she was humiliated by Daisy and drove her out.

She went to Lord He's ward yesterday, but she was still not allowed to come in. She used to wait for him on the way to the ward, but he was like gone, and he didn't even come to see his grandfather.

Every time she called Bruce, Jake would answer the phone. He always told her politely that the boss was in a meeting and that he was busy at the moment.

She felt uneasy.

That day Frank and he talked, he did not come to see her for such a long time, is to gradually alienate her, in order to divorce?

"He must be on a business trip." Standing under a Chinese rose, Polly seemed to be absent-minded.

"Why do you say he is on a business trip? As your boyfriend, where does he go? Shouldn't he ask for leave from you since he has gone for so many days? " Avril was filled with indignation. She had been extremely radical in the past two days. "As his girlfriend, how can you not know his whereabouts? You are so careless! Don't you know how popular your Mr. He is in the social circle? "

the crowd. He didn't walk to the elevator, but took a stairs through the safe passage.

As he expected, Fanny Li was running after him.

"Kevin, don't walk so fast. Wait for me!"

Of course, Kevin didn't listen to her and he walked quickly. Since the safe passage was long, Fanny had plenty of time to catch up with him. When they caught up with each other, he would pretend to be angry with her and press her against the wall to severely bite her. She was easily turned on by him. He would rush to the elevator and return to their car.

Recently, he wasn't as eager as he was before. He took her back to the apartment. He not only satisfied the woman who was suffering from her lust, but also satisfied his physiological need.

However, things didn't go well this time.

She turned around and looked down from the glass window of the corridor.

"What are you doing?" A hint of disappointment flashed across Kevin's face.

"I caught you this time!" Fanny pointed down and said, "Kevin, come here and have a look. They are Owen and Polly."

But Kevin was not interested in it at all. He jumped over the crowd and looked down with Fanny.

"It's them, right?"

"You didn't see it wrong! It's them! "

When he saw the scene that Owen had pulled Polly into his arms, he had mixed feelings. He not only gloated at Bruce's misfortune, but also felt helpless about the past which was beautiful without any trace. What's more, he were deeply envious and resentful of Bruce.

Was Owen really that good? He even didn't have a chance to compare with Bruce! Well, if this scene is seen by the arrogant and superior man, it must have a funny expression on his face?

"That's all!" Fanny took out his cell phone and began to take pictures. "I asked you two to collude with each other to plot against me. I will send this to my cousin right away to see if he still wants you or not!"

She made a manicure and hovered in the air above the "send" key. She was about to press it.

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