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   Chapter 125 The Secret Things

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Rachel stood up the moment she saw Mrs. he. She smiled and said respectfully, "Hello, Mrs. he."

Then she saw Jean behind Bruce's mother. Their eyes exchanged quickly. She greeted, "Hi, Jean. Are you here too?"

Polly was shocked by what she saw. It was all her fault. How could Jean Fang be so shameless to come here. If she had come alone, she would have kicked her out immediately. But since Bruce's mother was here, she could do nothing about it.

She'd like to see why she came here. What was she up to? Fortunately, she was not too miserable!

"Why can't I come here?" She looked at the gorgeous lace dress on Rachel and frowned.

With a smile on her face, Rachel carefully stepped aside. She was so nervous in front of the two women that she even didn't dare to take a deep breath.

Seeing this, Polly felt more sympathetic to Rachel Du. 'for a girl who doesn't have a background or support, it's not easy for her to work all by herself in a big city.

She successfully completed her study with the financial support of the he clan and she also made a favorable impression on the he clan through her efforts. But even if she could live in the He Residence, she still lived under other people's roof. Now, it was her mother's fault again. People would look down upon her.

Even if she was friends with Jean, it was not equal. How could she tolerate the arrogant and bad temper of a noble lady like Jean? But she just let her be. She must have suffered a lot.

But Rachel has such a strong self-esteem. I don't know how she can stand being looked down upon.

She didn't like the way Jean treated Rachel. She pulled Rachel to a chair and put her hand on her shoulder. "Rachel, take a seat. Don't stand there anymore."

Then she said to Mrs. he and Miss. Fang, "please sit down."

Of course, Jean could tell that she was targeting at her, which made her very angry. As Jean was about to lose her temper, Rachel walked over and pulled her arm. She tipped her a wink secretly to indicate her to restrain herself.

"aunt, Jean, please have a seat," Rachel smiled like a Barbie doll. It was so irritating to Polly. But how tired to pretend for Rachel.

"Don't bother. I'm here to keep Jean company." Mrs. he cut off her words, looking around with piercing eyes. "I heard from Jean that she should take some responsibility for Miss Han's hospitalization. She felt very uneasy and insisted on coming here. But I was afraid of being misunderstood by Miss Han, so I bring her here by myself. Do you mind it, Miss Han? "

How could she not mind? But she could not say that.

"aunt, even miss. Fang doesn't mind it at all. How could I mind?" "Now that you know you are responsible for this matter, are you coming here to make an apology to her?" said Polly, gritting her teeth She held back her words.

Polly didn't want to continue the topic, but she was afraid that she would offend Bruce's mother. She was Bruce's mother. She di

She didn't want to have an abortion, so she went to tell the truth to Lord He. Lord He flew into a rage for it and almost died of anger. Considering various factors, he agreed to keep the child, but only told the public that it was the eldest son's child. What's more, that child had no right to inherit the he clan's fortune in the future and could only be used as a foster son.

The boy was Justin he, Lucy Ji's boyfriend, whom she had met at the he family.

No wonder he looks so much like Bruce. They used to be half-brothers.

After learning the truth, Bruce's mother couldn't swallow it. She left for the U.S. and had been away for several years. However, Bruce's mother was Lord He's adopted daughter. She grew up in the he family. Lord He was not only his father, but also her father. Although she left, she still kept in touch with the he clan. During this period, she had come back several times at the request of Lord He. But with the obstruction of Daisy, their relationship with Frank could not be repaired.

Lord He resolutely opposed his arrangement, and Bruce's mother and Frank hadn't divorced yet. Of course, even if Frank and Daisy couldn't register their marriage, the two of them had lived together for many years without a name. For this, they quarreled many times. It was strange that they got along well and did not break up because of each other.

After his persuasion didn't work, Lord He drove them out of the he clan. Except for important festivals and birthdays, no one was allowed to return to the He Residence. After his grandfather retired from the second tier, he handed over the management right of the group to Bruce.

That was why Frank was still so young, and the boss of the BA group was his son, Bruce.

They looked like a deluxe house, but there was such an inside story, which was worthy to be sighed.

"Do you know why Jean was so happy that she totally forgot about aunt?" Rachel sighed.

Polly shook her head.

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