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   Chapter 124 We Don't Belong To The Same World

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9346

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Looking at Rachel Du and then at Hal Xia, Polly Han couldn't help asking, "do you know each other?"

"Not just acquaintances," said Hal seriously

He had always been a calm and gentle young man, but now he looked more serious when he became serious. Polly didn't know how Rachel had offended him. Hal was good tempered, but his temper was not bad, so it was likely that there were misunderstandings.

"Rachel, let me tell you, I have put it this way. No matter how hard you pretend to be pitiful, it's useless! We won't say yes! "

"Mr. Xia, you misunderstood me." Lowering her head, Rachel answered, "I'm not looking for you. I'm here for Dear Polly. She is my friend."

"Polly, how could I be a good friend with a woman like you?" Hal blocked her way. He looked at the woman in front of him coldly and snorted, "you have the magic power to find Polly! Let me tell you, don't waste your time on this! "

"Hal, what happened?" "Watch your mouth. She is my friend for more than ten years."

"A friend for more than ten years?" Hearing that, Hal frowned and turned around, "are you kidding?"

"It's not funny at all." "We grew up together. We are neighbors. We are good friends. We are very close to each other! If you don't believe me, you can go to my home and check it out! "

"Mr. Xia, we have been friends since we were young. This time I'm here to look for Polly. It's not what you think. " Rachel was very obedient, her white little hands twisting the hemline of her skirt uneasily.

"I believe in your words! Polly As for you, you'd better keep silent! "

"What are you doing, Hal? Don't always pull a long face! But Rachel are a girl and she is not several years older than you. If you have something to say, you can talk to her patiently. " Hearing her words, Hal blamed her and then Polly turned to Rachel. She said with a smile, "please don't mind. He is not like this all the time. Perhaps he got stimulated today."

Seeing that she and Avril had already had a boyfriend, only he was still single, which was extremely unfair.

As she spoke, she nudged Hal and winked at him to help him get back to normal as soon as possible.

"Rachel, could you please tell me what happened? Maybe there's some misunderstanding between you and them."

Rachel gritted her teeth and shook her head. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Please don't ask, Dear Polly. There is no misunderstanding. It is all my fault. Mr. Xia has nothing to do with it. "

The more Vicky said so, the more sorrow Jasper felt. How could a man be so mean? Even if it was not all his fault, at least he should pay attention to his attitude and tone of speaking.

Judging from their facial expressions, Polly concluded that they would not tell her what had happened. At last, she sighed helplessly, th

Mr. Xia and ask him to put me in jail for my mother! Their family members have suffered so much pain, and they are angry. I have to do everything I can to make them feel better. "

"Rachel, you can't do that." Patting her on the back, Polly consoled her in a soft voice, "Hal is a reasonable man. You should try other methods to see if you can make him change his mind."

"Dear Polly, I've tried every means. I almost kneel to them." Rachel raised her head and stared at her with tearful eyes. "I'm at my wit's end. Do you have any good idea? Can you tell me? "

"I don't know what to do, either. Hal has a strong bond with his brother, so he is so radical. Calm down and think it over. Maybe you can figure out a solution. " Polly had never experienced such things. She couldn't think of a solution for a moment.

"My mind is a mess now. I feel like a walking dead. Something about work... I had no mood at all. I was thinking about staying in BA group, but now it seems impossible! Compared to my mom, this is nothing. I don't ask for anything in my life. As long as she can live well, I will be satisfied. "

"Don't be so pessimistic, Rachel. You can find a way to solve everything. Think it over. Let's think it over together. " Tears streamed down her face. She raised the back of her hand to wipe off the tears.

"Rachel, what did Bruce say about it?"

When she heard the name "Bruce", Rachel violently clutched her skirt with her ten fingers, and her fingertips crumpled and extended. Her eyes were filled with jealousy.

But soon her pitiful face changed. She leaned against Polly and shook her head, "Bruce has tried his best. Don't bother him any more. He has been busy dealing with the company's affairs and grandfather's affairs these days. "

"So, I should be content!" A gray figure appeared at the door and Bruce's mother walked in.

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