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   Chapter 120 Do You Help Me Or Her

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10135

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Something flashed through her eyes, but soon she put on a smile and said, "you must be kidding, Jean. I really only take Brian as my brother! What's more, are you out of your mind? I told you that I would help you marry Bruce. Why are you so stupid to regard me as his wife? "

"Rachel, it's okay if you don't mention this. But I'm angrier when you mention it! Yes, you've been helping me all the time. But it's useless? Bruce is not as good to me as he used to be. What's more, he is getting closer and closer to that bitch Polly. Last time, you said that everything would be all right after Lord He' death, but Bruce hadn't broken up with that bitch yet. Tell me what you have done for me! "

Rachel Du looked around and said anxiously, "can you keep your voice down? Do you want everyone in the BA group to know about it?"

"So what? I just want to make it clear today! I heard that you have known Polly since you were very young. You two are best friends from childhood. Sometimes I wonder if you help me or her. "

"Of course I'm helping you!" Rachel rushed to the door and locked it. Even so, she was still very nervous and listened carefully to the sounds outside the corridor. They couldn't hide in the toilet for a long time and someone would come here soon.

Jean watched her coldly. Her eyes were full of disdain. She said with disdain, "I'm wondering, why are you helping me of course? Polly is your best friend, not me. "

"Although Polly is my friend, I never take her side. Take the conditions of Bruce and Polly out one by one and compared it, I would find that they were not matched at all. In this world, only you are the most suitable person to marry Bruce. "

Jean crossed her hands over her chest and said, "that's very thoughtful of you!"

"It doesn't matter whether you care about me or not. It's not up to me. You have to pay attention to your conscience! In order to help you, my hotel has been cordoned off. I even don't know if my mother can get away with the lawsuit! This matter, even if the brother Bruce to deal... "

Rachel's voice became lower and lower as she spoke. She just showed her worried face in front of Jean. She hid her regret and anger deep inside her heart.

She had come up with that idea in order to earn Jean's trust. She thought she could settle the matter by giving her some money. She didn't expect the man to be so wealthy that he didn't care about money at all. She should have made a plan and found a good opponent. It was too late to say anything now. They had no choice but to continue the show.

Even if her mother was put into prison because of this, as long as she was the winner, everything was worth it.

The tense look on Jean's face softened a little. She nodded and said, "you are right."

"Mom, you are poor. My dad passed away when I was less than ten years old. She has never got married in order to make money for me. Now life has just gotten a little bit better, again... My mother has been suffering all day long, I feel very sorry for her

you want to change to a general ward when they are in a mess. Although the conditions of normal ward were not good, it was better than being looked down on. You need to rest quietly. Don't quarrel with others! "

That was a series of things that happened. A lot of scenes were going on.

"I see. Thank you, Rachel."

"Who on Earth spread the rumor! She had nothing to do and just talked nonsense on the Internet all day long! Dear Polly... "

At this time, Avril opened the door. She was wearing a dark face and sharp eyes, as if she could kill someone. Seeing that Polly was on the phone, she held back the words she was going to say.

"Hurry up!" "I'll hang up."

"Who is on the phone?" Avril asked. Her tone was harsh as if she was interrogating a prisoner.

"Rachel." "Avril, what's wrong?"

"Didn't you surf the Internet? Why do you still laugh so happily! You are now being cursed like a dog! Is there anything Rachel wanted to talk to you? "

"She told me that Fanny had tried to kill herself!"

She shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently, "did she tell you that Fanny was still alive?"

"Avril!" "Don't be so serious with her. It's a matter of life and death! She is out of danger now. "

"It turns out she's not dead yet. She's not gonna die even if she stabbed a knife into her heart! Rachel Du, she is such a trouble maker. She know you are in a bad mood, but she still made trouble for you. "

"Avril, she said that my room may be on the same floor with Fanny's. she didn't want me to get into trouble, so she asked me to ask Bruce to change a room."

"Are you going to do that?"

"I'm thinking about it. I don't know..."

"If you do this, you are trapped by her! On the surface, it's for your own good, but in fact, if you tell Bruce, what will he think of you? He will think that you have a guilty conscience! Let me tell you something. Don't even mention it unless Bruce asks to change your room! Don't explain even if he doesn't ask! This has nothing to do with you! "

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