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   Chapter 119 You Don't Deserve My Attention!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9811

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The afternoon sunshine was a little bit slanting, leaving only the ward of Avril and Polly to be quiet and peaceful.

"Dear Polly! Who is that woman?" She put the peeled apples in front of Polly and teased, "is she your secretary to Mr. He?"

"Haha..." Polly picked up a piece of fruit and put it into her mouth. "Do you say Rachel? She is indeed a secretary, but not a formal one. "

A picture of naked Rachel flashed through her eyes. She said with contempt, "no wonder she dressed like that. she is trying to seduce Mr. He."

"She is an intern at a big company. She has to pay attention to her image!"

"I have seen many hot girls working in big companies. Why don't she always put on make-up?"

"It's all about fashion, not like us, country bumpkin."

"No way! In such a huge city like A City, there are many fashion woman. But she is the only one who feels uncomfortable. I know she's a typical type of mistress. "

"Shut up!" "That's bullshit!" said Polly, slightly patting on Avril's shoulder! I was her bestie and we grew up together! We have been friends for more than ten years. "

In a jealous tone, Avril said, "you are best friends? Why do I think she looks like a coquette? Not only the dress, but her eyes wandered around your Mr. He. "

"She has an unusual relationship with Bruce. She is not only his subordinate, but also his helper." "She is a poor girl. Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mother works outside all year round, and she has been living in Uncle's house. Yes, it's next door to my house. We are neighbors. She finally finished her study, thanks to the help of the he clan. "

"Dear Polly, have you ever thought about one question. Why did the he clan help her? My family is in a difficult situation. Why is there no rich man to sponsor me? Was it because of her good luck? Is there anyone protecting you in our ancestors? "

"What are you talking about?".

"Stop laughing!" Avril said in a serious tone, "I'm serious. To be honest, I'm not jealous. I just think it's strange!"

"I don't know." "But do I need a reason? It's just a coincidence. "

"I think the word 'coincidence' is very good! The things in the world, coincidentally not into a book. She was poor and had to drop out of school because of her poor family. It was at that moment that a man of divine level appeared and saved her from the difficult situation. No matter what the reason is, don't you think that it's a cliche of romantic novels? "

Polly stopped laughing and asked, "Avril, what do you want to say?"

"Mr. He is kind-hearted. He helped a poor girl unintentionally and that was just a piece of cake for him. However, Rachel was different. What would she think of Bruce? In her eyes, she must admire Bruce. She's not as beautiful as you, but she has a hot figure. A D-cup protective shield. She can be considered a beauty if she dresses up. She's absolutely a green tea bitch. "

a low voice behind her, "only a beauty like her can stand with our CEO."

She snorted. Who the hell did Lucy Ji think she was. She was nothing but a bitch who sold herself to other men. How could they compare her with her? That bitch was even not qualified to carry her shoes!

Rachel looked at the time on her phone, put the phone aside, turned on the tap, reached out for a cup of water and began to wash her face.

As she expected, within less than five minutes, the door was pushed open. She lowered her head and hid all the mockery and disdain in her eyes. When she raised her head again, she pretended to see Jean in the mirror and looked back in surprise.

"Rachel, is this how you usually dress up and stay beside Bruce?" "Where is the playgirl who pretended to be pitiful and simple in front of me?"

"Jean, I think you have misunderstood." Jean's question took her by great surprise. However, she quickly regained her composure and explained, "I always wear like this when I work in the BA group. It has nothing to do with Bruce. If you don't believe me. Look at other female employees. They are the same. "

Jean looked at her with sharp eyes and said in a stern tone, "I'm not interested in other people. I only know that you are much more beautiful than yourself with makeup. Rachel Du, do you dare to say that you haven't studied makeup before? "

"I studied makeup before. Jean, you know, I'm from a poor family. I have to work hard to make a foothold in this huge city like A City. The reason why I chose to wear makeup is that I want to adapt to the life here as soon as possible! "

"Do you think you can get used to it after you learn how to wear makeup and master the skill of seducing men? To gain a foothold there? Marrying a rich man was the best choice for her now. But if you really have an improper desire for Bruce, I advise you to give up! " She pointed at Rachel's face and said scornfully, "you don't deserve it!"

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