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   Chapter 115 Reconnect With Your First Love

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9157

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At 11 o'clock in the morning, Hal and Avril rushed to the hospital.

The doctor advised Polly to stay in bed for a week, because she take a concussion due to her fall.

As for the snake in the garden, after examination, Polly explained to the two girls that she might have been knocked out and that she was dazzled, asking them not to go back to take a walk or say such horrible words, which made them panic.

"Dear Polly, how did you fall? You won't be so careless. " Hal couldn't believe his ears. 'did she slip and fall on the ground while walking.

"What do you mean by 'not careful'?" Avril was peeling an apple for Polly while she complained, "Hal, why do you become so long winded all of a sudden! What she needs most now is a rest. Can't she ask me about the reason later? She is so haggard now! "

He knew he had made a slip of the tongue. The thin and tall young man sat down on the chair opposite the sickbed, staring at Polly's crazily yellow face with gloomy eyes.

Avril cut the apple into small pieces on the plate skillfully, put the toothpick on it and handed it to Polly.

Hearing that, Polly moved her eyes. She had no appetite at all, but if she didn't eat, she was afraid of that the two people would worry about her. So she barely ate two.

"Why do you eat less?" Avril disagreed, "the doctor said you should eat more fruit."

"I'm a little dizzy now and really have no appetite. You two enjoy it."

She sighed, handed a plate to him, lifted her long face and ordered, "you must eat it!"

Hal put on a sullen face and ate a piece of apple.

When she tiredly looked at that plate of sweet apple, she had mixed feelings. The apple was cut into half a month and each piece was of the same size and thickness. It was really hard to make one piece of apple made in one or two days.

Avril was a careless woman, but now she had become so detailed. Was it because she had a boyfriend? It seemed that the man had made Avril very concerned.

The light in the room was good, but the curtains were shut, making it block out the strong sunlight. Seeing the serious expression on their faces, Polly couldn't help laughing.

It didn't matter how hot the outside was. Now she only had the warmth of this moment.

How did they get to know each other? She ran into Hal the first day she entered the University. The thin boy was as tall as a bamboo pole. Although he had packed a lot of things with him, he insisted on helping her. Then he ran into Avril when he was climbing the stairs. She had been ready for running. Seeing their tired faces, he came to help without hesitation.

It had been three of them in the beginning, and now only three of them were left. In the most difficult time, it'

n't expect you to hold it for such a long time. "

"Hal, I'm serious. How could you defame me?"

"I am serious. How can it be slander? I..."

When Hal was about to continue, Avril gestured him to be quiet. She pulled him to the door and said, "look! Is that man Owen? I only saw his picture before, so I can't recognize him! "

The exit passageway and the elevator were connected. Through the glass inlaid in the door, they saw a tall, refined and handsome man coming out of the elevator. Just like Bruce, he often had that kind of mysterious smile on his face.

Taking a glance at Owen, Hal said with certainty, "yes, he's Owen. I've met him once."

"The man standing in front of me is in the same league with Bruce in appearance and family background. Besides, he was Polly's first love. If they could be together, that would be really perfect. How did I do a bad thing out of good will? " She felt very regretful.

"What good intention but bad thing?" "Avril, did you do something that you are sorry for Dear Polly?" asked Hal.

"What are you talking about? How could it be possible for me to do such thing. Let me tell you, it will never happen! I will not be sorry to Dear Polly."

Startled by her sudden sharp tone, Hal said impatiently, "I was just kidding. Why are you so agitated?"

"If I ask you the same question, aren't you excited? okay! Let's stop arguing about this. It's useless! " She murmured in a low voice, "no wonder Dear Polly doesn't like him. Hal is so stupid, and his EQ is so low!"

"I just said don't argue with each other. Now, what are you talking about?"

Of course, Avril would never tell him what she was whispering. She changed the topic immediately, "I have to go with him. Are you going or not?"

"I'm not as bored as you are! I'm going downstairs to buy some food! "

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