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   Chapter 111 You Want To Stay With Me Dream On!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9921

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With her finger hanging over the green dial button, she was not moving at all.

Bruce! At this moment, the first person she thought of was him. How could it be?

What if she called him now? She told him that she was afraid to see a man outside and needed him to come?

'will I laugh at that lame excuse?'?

Then why did she tell him everything? His grandfather had just suffered such a thing today. How could he be in the mood to listen to her?

The wind outside suddenly became louder, blowing straight on the door of the dormitory, accompanied by the light and pleasant sound of the wind bell. It sounded as if the door was opened from outside by someone. She was so frightened that she threw the phone on the bed and looked at the door.

That man was missing!

She didn't dare to turn on the light and carefully fumbled to get out of the bed. She walked barefoot on the tiles. She was afraid of wearing shoes and making any noise. Her movements were as slow as the movie's camera, step by step. She finally reached the door in horror.

She dared not stand up. She shrank her body under and looked up little by little, looking outside through the wind tassel on the door.

There was still no one! There was nobody.

She must have been mistaken again. If she was alone in the dorm, she would be suspicious. How could a man come up in the middle of the night in the girls' dorm?

She turned her back and wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. She breathed a long sigh of relief. It seemed that she was going crazy. She even had illusions one after another.

At this moment, the door of the dormitory next door slammed. Her heart, which had just become steady, started to jump up again.

It was Cherry, the girl who came out from the next door. Polly breathed a sigh of relief. She took off the wind bell from the door and threw it into the trash can. It was in the middle of the night hung the door, which was really frightening. Avril was really bold. She had no idea how she got through without living here.

She went back to the bed and put on her shoes. She couldn't live in this dormitory any more, so she planned to stay in the next room for one night. It was weekend and there was only one person living in the house next to theirs.

She folded the quilt and held it in her hand. When she was about to go out, she heard someone knocking at the door.

"Polly, open the door." It was Cherry's voice.

She put down the quilt and walked to open the door.

Standing at the door, Cherry looked inside and said with a smile, "do you have any spare room tonight in your dormitory? Can I come here to sleep? "

"Fine! Of course! "

"Great! The strong wind at night was frightening! I was scared to wake up! If I'm alone, I can't fall asleep. "

Hearing that, Polly breathed a great sigh of relief. It turned out that she was not the only one who was scared by the wind.

Although she was accom

ecrets from us. "

"Have you had breakfast? Is the restaurant available now? " She had never been to school at this late hour before. But it was said that the restaurant would postpone the weekend.

"I'm going to the dining room. There was dinner after 9 o'clock in the weekend. Do you have anything you want to eat? I can go and buy it for you. "

Thinking for a while, Polly found that she did not want to eat anything but water. When she was about to say no, someone was knocking at the door.

"Is it Avril coming back?" Said Polly, looking at the door with expectation. Avril didn't call her back last night. Maybe she had something to do with the person who called her. Was he the man Cherry said he had slept in the dorm?

But Avril went out with a man in the middle of the night. She was a little worried. She didn't want to interfere in Avril's private affairs, but at least she had to know the man's family name and what he did.

For example, Avril was always relieved when she knew that she went out with Bruce, because he had a name.

Cherry walked over and opened the door. A beautiful woman about twenty-seven stood at the door, with a thermal kettle in her hand.

"Excuse me, is Polly in this dorm?" The woman smiled friendly at Cherry.

Cherry had never seen this woman before. The moment she opened the door, she was immediately attracted by her astonishing beauty and elegant demeanor. Staring at beauty without blinking, she forgot to answer beauty's question.

That woman always kept a charming smile on her face, and did not show any sign of embarrassment when being stared at. It seemed that beautiful girls like her were used to being watched.

"Excuse me, is Polly in this dorm?" The woman asked again.

"Yes, I'm here. I'm with Polly! Please come in! " Cherry invited her in respectfully and called, "Dear Polly, someone's waiting for you."

Polly looked at beauty in surprise. beauty walked towards her with graceful steps.

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