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   Chapter 109 Don't Spoil Good Girls

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Polly shook her head and said, "Avril, maybe it's not what you think. I attended the party in the first place. It was really an accident. "

She wouldn't tell the details to Avril. She didn't want people to know that she had been insulted by Rachel.

"Dear Polly, what happened that day? What's the whole process? You didn't tell me. You just kept saying it was an accident! Why don't I feel like that at all? "

"Lord He has always been fine, but you got into trouble as soon as you went there! Moreover, since Lord He had history of allergy and the he family was so rich, how could he let a person who knew nothing to prepare food? And Fanny came at night when you had the car accident at noon. Obviously, someone has arranged everything. "

"Dear Polly, from the appearance, your relationship with Bruce is in jeopardy. That's why Fanny dares to come to your coffee shop and find you trouble with Kevin. "

Avril was so excited that she regretted as soon as she finished her words. How could she say it in such a direct way? She must have felt it, too. As a friend, she should comfort her now instead of rubbing salt on her wounds.

She took a short breath and tried to calm down. When she finally calmed down, she asked, "Dear Polly, tell me, is Jean at home this noon?"

"Yes, she is," said Polly. She paused for a moment and continued, "and Fanny and Kevin are also here."

She asked in confusion, "what brings them here? Wasn't that a family dinner? Polly, The Fanny called him "cousin"! And what she said to your ears. She has always been publicized. Why does she suddenly dare not be loud? "

Polly put down her ponytail and combed her messy hair with a comb. She could still see her haggard face through the mirror.

She had been through too much today.

"That's exactly what I want to tell you, Avril."

Polly had told her about the story of Bruce cheating on her. Avril shook her head and said, "it's impossible! Dear Polly, I don't think it's possible! He is not that kind of person! "

"You didn't know him before. How could you know who he is?"

"Because we didn't know him before!" Seeing the bewilderment on Polly's face, Avril hastily explained, "at least it means that there's no scandal about Bruce! He was not like the second young master of the Su family who was always in the entertainment headlines. Dear Polly, think about it. He can have any kind of woman that he wants. Does he really need to play such a trick? "

"He doesn't use dirty tricks. But he is very weird. He is just not interested in the women who like him." As she recalled what Bruce had said to her when they met for the first time, she added, "ordinary people like them can't understand what rich people think!"

"But Dear Polly, I really feel that Bruce doesn't treat you like a joke."

She asked ironically, "do you think he falls in love with me?"

Indeed, he was not playing wi

at man's nickname turned out to be very suitable for her.

"You can come down now. I'll wait for you downstairs!"

She got out of bed quickly, rushed to the window, drew the curtain and opened the window. They didn't know whether the road lamps were broken or not, because only three or two lightbulbs were on. The sensual moonlight was covered by the heavenly clouds. It was not very clear from the fifth floor down. She could only vaguely see a car parking there.

"What are you doing, Avril?" Polly sat up and curiously moved close to the window.

Avril immediately closed the curtain and said to her with a smile, "there's a boy downstairs. You're dressing like this, so you're going to be revealed. A good girl doesn't want to behave like a bad girl."

Upon hearing this, Polly took her body back immediately since she hadn't changed her pajamas yet. Avril's exaggerated action totally attracted her attention and she forgot it immediately out of curiosity.

"Avril, look at you! You're so adorable! Who's downstairs?" "Is he your new boyfriend? How dare he come to you at this late hour? "

"Young people are supposed to play something exciting!" Avril picked up her coat and put it on, "Dear Polly, you're a good baby. Go to sleep. I need to go out for a while. Don't wait for me, and don't wait for me at the door. Probably I won't come back tonight. "

She looked at the time. It was already midnight. It seemed that she couldn't fall asleep again.

That man was a real troublemaker, especially after he was drunk.

Polly quietly opened the curtain and looked down. After she walked out of the dormitory building, she hugged a man. In the street lamp, they kissed each other.

The interaction between them made Polly blush and her heart beat rapidly. In her experience, Avril must sleep with this man.

Was this man the one who entered the hotel with Avril? But why did they

Did she do something bad

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