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   Chapter 100 how could I not worry about you

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9851

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She left the He family's house and took a taxi to the hospital.

Their house was located in a remote area. It was difficult to call a taxi even in the daytime. She had something on her mind and waited for a long time. Her impatience was so strong that she almost wanted to stamp her feet.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of the bright red from the corner of her eyes. She turned back and saw that the Maserati of Fanny was slowing down. It slowly came over and stopped by her side.

With the car window rolled down, Kevin poked his head and asked, "Polly, are you going to the hospital?"

She nodded.

"Now that Fanny and I are going to the hospital, I can give you a ride," he added

While at this moment, Polly was wondering why Kevin dared to ask she to take the car. There was a gleam of gloating in Fanny's eyes. She stated smugly, Polly Han, do you feel bad to be left on the roadside again. I'm in a good mood today. I don't care what you did before. Get in the car now. "

"No, thank you," said Polly

She understood now that Fanny was here to flaunt her noble style in front of her, and she wasn't stupid enough to bring shame on herself.

As the light in his eyes dimmed, he persuaded, "Polly, don't be wayward. It's hard to get a cab here. Since such a thing has happened, I think you'd better hurry up as soon as possible, lest you are used by someone to make a fuss about it. "

"No, thanks. You can leave now," said Polly in a calm voice


Fanny interrupted him. "Okay! She said she didn't want to take our car. Why are you still here? She used to drive luxury cars, so she doesn't like my crappy car at all? Kevin let's go! I don't want to be blamed by the he clan! "

He started the engine. He knew what kind of person she was. If she said she wouldn't get into his car, she wouldn't do that. What's worse, if she left without telling him in advance, Bruce would be displeased again. Besides, Jean was beside him, which may make them apart.

If so, he might have a chance.

"Focus on driving. Don't think too much? Why do you still call her name so intimately? " The car window was open and Fanny's voice came into her ears clearly. She didn't turn it off on purpose so as to make Polly hear her.

She had been so arrogant because of the love of Bruce before. Now she wanted her to know how it felt to lose the protection of a man.

"That's enough! Fanny, why did you say that! I've been calling you that. I'm used to it! Don't forget that apart from our relationship, we are still classmates! " He stepped hard on the accelerator, and the red car was speeding like an arrow.

"Why are you driving so fast? Stop! Stop! " Fanny yelled at him in a rage and thumped his shoulders with her fists.

Obediently, he parked the car. He turned around suddenly and pushed Fanny to the seat, biting her bright red lips mercilessly.

"Kevin, what's wrong with you?" The sound died away

at this moment, no one was in the mood to listen to her. Even she herself didn't think it was worth mentioning. If she was late, then she was late.

"Why do you take a taxi? Why don't you take other people's car? Don't you know that Fanny just said you, never mind. It's okay as long as she comes here. "

Polly was shocked. Originally, she had the thought that she could not avoid the truth, but she did not expect that she was used by this man to slander her. How complicated the life of those wealthy families was! There were traps and sharp swords everywhere. I don't attack others, but I am attacked by others.

"Now that you're here, get inside. Stop talking nonsense!" Rachel reminded her, "don't utter a single word now. No matter how others look at you, you just pretend not to know. Remember, all you need to do is to follow Bruce. "

Glancing at the fully closed door, she couldn't help but lower her voice, "how's it going?"

"Grandpa is sleeping. There are also several people you don't know. They are the most important people in the he family."

Hearing that, Polly was a little nervous. It seemed that she was the only one who needed to be acted as the wife of her grandson. She didn't know what Bruce would think of her.

"Look, these people are waiting at the door quietly. No one dares to come in and disturb Grandpa. But they didn't show up in front of Bruce and didn't dare to leave. I guess they is not willing to leave. " Rachel shook her head and sighed, "that's the way it is.

"Bruce left his phone at the hospital registration desk. I'm going to get it for him. You'd better go inside now and be more smart. There are many kinds of people living in the rich and powerful family, so no matter what kind of thing you do, you have to think twice. " Rachel took a look at Hal and said, "you should come here more often in the past few days. Don't be afraid. Bruce is a sensible man. Even if he is angry, he will not blame you."

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