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   Chapter 98 I Won't Make You Feel Bad

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10298

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Bruce was still a little hesitant, holding onto Polly's hand.

Suddenly, Rachel stood up. She walked to them, took hold of Polly's hand and said, "Bruce, I'll take care of her. I grew up with Polly and I'm here. You can rest assured. "

"Bruce, if you still don't believe me, I can handle it by myself. None of us who is hostile to her will let him leave. It's not necessary to make the whole family unhappy because of the problem of one or two people. "

Bruce's mother grew angry at her. She blamed Miss. Jean in a mild tone, "Jean, don't talk nonsense. You kids are well behaved. And every time you come to the he clan's residence, you will prepare a lot of interesting topics to amuse the old master. No one is so vicious. "

Even if she did, she couldn't speak it out so directly.

Realizing that she had gone too far, she quickly put on a smiling face and said, "aunt, I'm thinking for Bruce. Looking at the delicate image of Polly, Bruce was afraid that she would suffer any loss in any minute. He cared about her so much that he had no time for work at all. "

"Miss Fang, you worry too much. Bruce has always been scrupulous in separating public from private affairs. He will never delay his work because of personal affairs. "

If Polly didn't say anything, it would be true that she was dragging Bruce down. At the beginning of the tolerance is just don't want to meet when the relationship so bad, she is to visit, not to debate. Even now, Polly was still not angry with Miss. Jean, so she couldn't be too harsh on her.

"Miss. Jean, I can't believe that I am such a person in your mind." Disappointment was written all over his face. "Only one person in the world knows me well enough to me, Dear Polly."

He realized it immediately that it would cause a lot of inconvenience if he overprotected Polly. Otherwise, he could not bring her back. Since they were back, he must give her some space. He believed that she could handle everything by herself.

After about ten minutes, Bruce came back. Under a stone table in the yard, only her mother was sitting there, with her eyes closed. Miss. Jean was giving a massage to her.

His lordship had a serious problem of wind dryness, so he couldn't sit long in the bleak land. Instead, he went back to his room for rest. 'it's normal that he isn't here. But why is Polly not staying with them?'?

Bruce's mother opened her eyes the moment he came in. She was displeased to see her son's dull eyes.

"Don't look anymore. Polly went to the kitchen with Rachel. As Miss. Jean said, you can't do anything without her. " Bruce's mother scolded, "she is just a woman. How can she compare with your career?"

"Haha..." Brian smiled but didn't answer. He looked around and asked, "Mom, where are Justin and Lucy Ji? Did they go to the kitchen with them? "

Bruce's mother became angry and said, "don't change the topic! He had always been like this since he was a child. Whenever a question was asked something important, it would be the same if the person did not want to answer it. Who do you really ta

reshly boiled coffee and freshly squeezed juice in the drinks. In a word, everything was fresh. At ordinary times, all Linda needed to do was to prepare Lord he's meals. But today, a lot of people came to the villa and they needed to make many snacks and juice. It seemed that they were a bit busy. To balance nutrition, Austin didn't have to go against many picky eaters. No matter how many people had different tastes, there was a difference in diet or cake. They just ate different dishes.

Besides, the drinks today were pineapple juice and cookies.

"Dear Polly, it should be the servants who did this, but I forced you to come here. You won't blame me for that, will you?" Rachel said apologetically, "you are the most eye-catching guest in this house today."

"Rachel, what are you talking about?" "I know you're doing this for my own good. You're afraid that they will get me in trouble and try to hurt me. Besides, if I were there, everyone would be uncomfortable. Fortunately, you are here today to help me a lot. Otherwise, I don't know what to do. "

"Dear Polly, don't think so highly of me. In fact, I did it for myself." Rachel smiled like a beautiful dandelion. "Your mother and sister treated me well, and you are my best friend. The last thing I want is to see you have conflict. I'm worried that if you quarrel with each other, I don't know who to help. "

"Sweetie, you don't have to explain anything. I know you are in a dilemma now," said Rachel

with a gentle smile.

Rachel was making lemon juice. The golden juice was poured into the transparent glass cup. Her white, tender and slender fingers were wrapped around the glass like the jade belt. She wore a white shirt and a light blue skirt, looking gentle and fresh.

She was beautiful, smart, pure and kind-hearted. How could she deserve an excellent man like her?

"Oh, no wonder you haven't prepared the food for such a long time. It turns out that you two are lazy here!" An arrogant and domineering female voice broke the silence and comfort at the moment.

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