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   Chapter 97 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9720

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Bruce's hand was faster than hers, he grabbed the phone before she put it in front of his grandfather.

In A University, a cherry blossomed. A boy in pure white sport suit was holding a girl with a high ponytail in his arms. The girl's smile was like a wisp of cloud in the blue sky.

His eyes, which were as deep as the sea, flashed a dangerous light. Without hesitation, he deleted the photo immediately. Then he found other sheets and deleted them one by one. His face became more and more gloomy. Those records about the happiness and youth of his beloved girl all belonged to others.

"Fanny, what a loser you is! You have been together for so long, but you still let your boyfriend keep the pictures! Now, I'm on your side. Delete all of them. "

Kevin finally lost his temper. But in front of so many people, he tried his best to hold back his dissatisfaction and said, "Mr. He, that's my thing. You don't have the right to do that!"

"Who are you talking about power?" An arrogant smile tugged at the corners of Bruce's mouth. He threw the phone back to him and said, "now that you've become the boyfriend of Fanny, you should wholeheartedly not only hold one girl in your arms, but also think about another!"

Suddenly, he changed his stern tone and said to Lord He with a smiling face, "Grandpa, do you agree?"

Lord He laughed and said, "don't waste your time on women. You should get rid of your habit. Fanny didn't say anything, but why did you interfere in other people's business. You worship loyalty, but how many people can do the same as you? Do you forget it again? It's our family motto. They are self disciplined and treat others kindly. He is our guest now. Don't be so hard on him. "

"This is the He family's house. You can't treat your subordinates like this. It will only make your brothers and sisters nervous to see you. Look, I was supposed to have a good time with you, talking and laughing. As soon as you came over, you were wearing a stern face. No one was kind to you. "

As Lord He said this, Bruce nodded and echoed, "yes, you're right. I'll keep that in mind."

All the people present were so smart that even the stupidest Polly could notice it. It seemed that Lord He was giving a lesson to his grandson, but in fact, he didn't scold him for his rude behavior towards Bruce. But he didn't give the special one a specific answer, so the one who was rebuked had no way to defend himself.

Miss. Jean took a gloating look at Fanny with a face full of disdain. She hated Polly, and meanwhile, she also hated Fanny and Kevin. In the younger generation, the only person she liked was none other than Bruce.

Some ironic relatives of Li family and he family actually didn't deserve to call herself the cousin of Bruce. As for Kevin, he was a bitch too. Now that he had been together with Fanny, he still had the audacity to seduce Polly.

In fact, the m

not dare to speak any more.

"Miss. Jean, if you praise him like this, he'll be more arrogant in the future!" Bruce's mother walked out of the room. When she passed by Bruce, she couldn't help but show happiness in her eyes, but she pretended not to see him, not even looking at him.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. he." but she was ignored by his mother directly. She looked at Bruce uneasily as she was so nervous that she didn't know where to put her hands.

Miss. Jean pretended to sneeze and turned around. You are always pretending to be poor in front of men. But in front of Mrs. He, you are nothing.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Bruce stood beside Polly, his big hand secretly leaning on the back of her cold hand, and gave her an encouraging look. "When did I become supercilious?"

In a fit of pique, Bruce's mother said, "you know what you're doing. It's useless to argue with me." She sat down beside Miss. Jean Fang and reached out her hand to help her comb the hair scattered on her temples. They were so intimate as mother and daughter.

"Mom, this is Polly. Do you remember?" "You met last time." he reminded his mother

Bruce's mother caressed Miss. Jean's hair from time to time and fixed her eyes on her wavy hair. "I remember that I'm not fool," she said

"Well, now that you all have saw, I'll take Polly to have a rest." Bruce was about to leave with Polly.

"Wait!" Bruce's mother stopped him, "you can go now. Miss. Han, please stay here and have a chat with us. Just now, your father called and asked you to go there. Just do what you should do. Take her away? That's not fair? We are not animals. How can we possibly hurt her? "

When Bruce was about to refuse, Polly said, "Bruce, you can go. I can do it." Since everyone was here to talk with the elder, there was no reason for her to retreat early.

Although she didn't fit in with the whole atmosphere, she had to adapt to it one day.

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