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   Chapter 93 Please Stop (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5485

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

Before going to bed, Polly could only remember one thing. After Bruce carried her from the bathroom to the bed, he stood in the hallway and called Jake.

"Pick up a new car tomorrow and send the business Benz to the 4S store to get it repaired."

Something crazy flashed through her mind. When she was deeply touched, she called his name.

With a shy smile, she closed her eyes. All of a sudden, the space beside her seemed to collapse and the fresh and pleasant smell of him penetrated her nose.

Bruce's body, which had been bathed, was slightly cool and comfortable. Polly instinctively wrapped her arms around Bruce's neck and leant her head against his chest. Then she consciously selected a position.

Looking at the woman who threw herself into his arms unconsciously in her sleep, a warm smile played at the corner of his mouth, and his soft lips reflected on her forehead.

Polly had dressed up carefully. From the dress to the makeup, it was designed by the experienced person invited by Bruce. Because it was not easy for her to meet different people today.

She wanted to give that old man a good impression.

Standing outside, Bruce was idly browsing news on the Internet and glancing at the dressing room from time to time. When Polly appeared in front of him, his eyes darkened.

"Bruce, how is it going?" She shrank and looked very nervous. The two blossoms on her cheeks were like red plum blossoms blooming on the snow.

"Dear Polly, haven't you looked in the mirror just now?" A bright light was emitted from the bottom of his eyes, and a wicked smile appeared. "My sweetheart, what do you mean by

the habit of wearing earphones as soon as he got in the car.

Bruce was close to Polly. He grabbed one of her hands on his lap and put the other around her waist. The sweet scent of her body penetrated into his nose, and he couldn't help thinking of what happened last night.

As soon as the car started moving, he could not suppress the restlessness in his body.

"Dear Polly, what should I do with you?" He bit her earlobe and asked.

"What did you say? Now? " Polly was taken aback. She looked subconsciously at Jake, who was driving. The assistant was really responsible. In order not to disturb his boss flirting with women, he wore headphones. If the boss wanted to do this with a woman in the car, would he cover his eyes with black cloth?

He might not be able to drive then.

"Yes! Now! " "Do you want to try to seduce a man?"

Jake turned a corner suddenly. But because of the excellent performance of the car, the people inside only got a little tremble.

"Can you stop thinking about that every minute and second?" Polly Han really didn't know what else to say.

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