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   Chapter 92 Dear Polly! Don't Reject Me

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9980

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Avril's words reminded him that what happened today was just too coincidental. Avril, Hal, even Bruce were here.

If it weren't for Owen, she might be thrown into a difficult position now?

She had planned a whole thing, and Sally wanted to insult her.

"Young master, Mr. He has arrived at the door. Is he forbidden to come in?"

At this time, no one could stop Bruce. It was bullshit.

The next second, the door was pushed open. His sharp gaze fell on Polly. After staring at her for two or three seconds, he seemed to be relieved.

When Bruce was about to say something, Owen interrupted him and said, "don't worry, Bruce. Everything will be fine as long as I'm here."

At the same time, Owen also realized that it was a trap set by someone with malicious intention! He was determined to find out the truth, but this was something to be done in the future. Now he just needed to make good use of it.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, he looked at Bruce provocatively and said, "I used to protect Dear Polly very well, and it will be the same in the future."

Avril's eyes swept over the man in front of her with worries. Things seemed to be worse than she had expected. The relationship between Polly and the man in front of her seemed to be very close.

But she had never heard a word about it. She looked at the man who raised his eyebrows and spoke. He looked more like Abbe Su, but he was much calmer and more indifferent than him. All the rumors she had heard about the young master of the Su family were now going over and over in her mind

But if it was Mr. Su, how could he have a connection with Polly?

"Really? Don't say that! " Bruce said to Owen, but he looked at Polly. His eyes were as calm as a windless lake without any emotion.

Bruce arrived at the same time with the man with the first-aid kit. He lay on one side and let that man walk to him. His eyes appeared to be serious.

"Mr. He, have you ever learned nursing? Polly broke her wrist. You... " At the same time, Avril signaled to Hal who stood in front of her to call Bruce over.

Hal understood what Avril meant, so he gave way to him on purpose.

At this moment, a variety of feelings welled up in Polly's heart. He was so special to her that she couldn't embarrass him anymore.

"Mr. Su, thank you for what you did today. Now, my boyfriend is here. He will take good care of me. " As long as she knew how hard it was for her to say this.

When he heard the word "Mr. Su", his face froze, and was replaced by an unspeakable pain. He silently took a look at Polly and turned to Bruce. "Bruce, I'll leave Polly to you."

He turned around and left, with a serious expression on his face. His men didn't dare to breathe heavily. There were six or seven people walking together without any noise. They didn't even hear the footsteps. They were as quiet as the water.

"Thank you, Owen! Let's have dinner together some other day! " After they all went out, he said.

turn me down. I'm so upset tonight. I want you!" Urgent!

It seemed that only in this way could he prove that she belonged to him.

He rushed to Midsummer after he received the news. However, he found that his love rival had taken the initiative. At that moment, there was an moment that his mind was almost blank, and countless questions hit him over and over again.

What if the wound on her wrist was deeper? Why did he quarrel with her before? Why didn't his wife want to see him when she was in need of help?

In the final analysis, it was one of the reasons. What he got was just her body, but her heart wasn't his.

In that case, it's better to have her body! Time after time of possession, maybe her heart would throb once in a while because of his passion.

"Bruce, do you want to get involved in a car accident?" said Polly, gasping for breath

There was a severe pain in his eyes. He asked in a low voice, "baby, is that okay?"

Her face was as red as an apple and her heart was racing.

She didn't refuse but kept silent, which gave the best encouragement to Bruce. He gently bit her earlobes, kissed her neck, and pleaded softly, "please, Dear Polly. Honey, I'm so sad now. Let me love you, okay? Please, my dear baby... "

She thought that it would be very shameless for a man to say anything dirty. It never occurred to her that a man like him would have the lower part of his mind and take the leading position.

The man kept shouting 'Dear Polly' again and again, which made her completely lost the ability to move. She finally realized why those vulgar words could be heard by anyone who was not a fool. Why were they so lively.

When a woman was completely immersed in the honey sweet talk, even if she knew that a man's words were all good words, she would be willing to speak nonsense.

He told her that he was really upset tonight. Maybe he wanted to balance himself in a more exciting way. If he had to, he could.

She answered shyly.

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